Recommendation to FH4 developers Maybe consider it?

To Whom This May Concern,

I was playing the demo version of this game and did some research on the game and the cars featured in the game. Amazing cars I will have to say!

I am among one of the many Ford Mustang enthusiasts out there, and I’m sure others like me may be reading this. Hoping to get a mustang of my own one day, when I can afford it that is.

I wanted to ask if there was by any chance an idea, on the developing side of the game, floating around about selling a separate DLC that will offer Mustangs of all sorts, from the older models to the RTR, to the BULLIT, s550, 2020 Shelby GT500, etc. specialized to the Ford Mustang community. Or in general, to the muscle car community. Was just curious and I thought I’d just ask. I think it would be a great sell. Would be the first to buy it! If not, it was worth the curiosity. :slight_smile:

Any info would be appreciated. :)) Have a great day!

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