Recently transferred copy of FH3 isn’t recognizing my Xbox Live Gold membership.

I recently bought the new Xbox One-X, prior to which I followed MS’s instructions for copying,in advance, my games and settings from my existing XB1 to an external hard drive, which I then used to transfer and configure everything to my new XB1-X. The procedure worked perfectly, but now when I open FH3, all of the online activities arelocked. When I try to open I get an error message saying I need XBLG; which is wrong since my account is active and can be confirmed in the Memberships section of XB1-X Settings.

I then assigned my new console as “My Home Xbox,”, but FH3 still won’t recognize the membership. I still have the previous XB1 at-hand so I can finish transferring remaining games, and then wipe the hard drive to sell on eBay. I initially thought the previous console might be preventing, in some unknown manner, FH3’s ability to recognize my XBLG membership, but that can’t be right, since the previous console is completely powered off and disconnected from my network.

I guess it also bears mentioning that my current XBLG is a free two-week membership that came with my new XB1-X. My previous membership ended last month, but after spending so much money on the XB1X, I decided, I needed to postpone an additional $60 (plus) charge until I could catch my financial breath.

Having explained that, I’m not sure if the newly activated 2-week XBLG membership simply extended my expired annual renewal, or, if it simply created a completely separate membership.

Can anyone suggest a reason FH3 isn’t recognizing my XBLG and allowing me to race online? I’ll be purchasing the annual version of the membership sometime in the next week or two, but for right now, the free 2-week membership that came w/ my XB1-X is up and running, but after a ton of research and troubleshooting I can’t get FH3 to connect to the new and temporary Live Gold membership. Is anyone able to hypothesize what happen and how to fix.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

If your old FH3 progress is saved you should be logged in OK, (no need for home box for that)
try to download one of the games with gold and try that out or any other multiplayer game.

Also, you have 12 days left on the deal to buy the gold month for $1 so that should fit in perfectly to when the trial ends.

Before I respond to your kind suggestion, may I ask you to elaborate on the comment you made concerning a special $1 deal for XBLG? I can’t find the offer, so I assume you mean it’s $1 for a single month, and not $1 per for 12 months. Is that correct? Can you point me to this deal on my Xbox One? The only deal I’ve seen advertises monthly payments for “as little as $5 a month,”but for me, there wasn’t an option for $5/month—only $10 or so a month. And nowhere in that offer didn’t see anything concerning a $1/month bargain. So again, do you have a location?

As for your recommendations, progress was restored after transferring the game to the XB1X and the data sync completed upon opening for the 1st time, but the online features in aFH3 are still locked… and I am logged in. Not sure what’s happening, since I can see that 2-week free XBLG membership card s still active. I haven’t tried opening the multiplayer component of another game, as you suggest, but I’ll give it a try. My intuition is that doing say will unlock FH3 multiplayer, but it can’t hurt to try…

Thanks so much for your help!

Yeah… Apparently when I try to access the online multiplayer in GOW4, it’s also not recognizing my active XBLG account. When I try to access Verses PVP in GOW4, it redirects me out to the account registration page. And the options for joining there are for $10/month, or $24/three months, or $59.99 for 12 months. I still don’t see a special offer for $1/month.

Prior to finding that deal, however, I need to figure why my games aren’t recognizing my 2-week XBLG membership. I’m not sure how it’s even possible, but ai wonder if it’s a glitch on my new console.

Any thoughts/suggestions will be greatly appreciated!