Recent change to manual w/ clutch mechanics?

Can’t pinpoint exactly when this started happening, but I have noticed that the manual with clutch mechanics seem to have received a subtle, but fairly significant update. Previously, I would be able to use the A button as the clutch with B and X as the gear up/down buttons so that I could just use my thumb to quickly hit clutch, shift up, release shift, release clutch in a quick motion, and things would work well, with a tiny bit of stutter at the gear change. Now, it takes a significant amount of time for the gear to actually change, causing a LOT of rev pegging, and ultimately making the shift with clutch unusable on a controller.

I have not made any changes locally in my controller config or sensitivity levels and deadzones, and have confirmed that everything is where I have had it for a while now. If anybody has any idea what is going on, I would love to hear it or any suggestions you might have. I haven’t seen any notes about this in the recent patch notes, but who knows. This is on an Xbox One X; haven’t tested on PC yet, because the game remains an unstable mess there, sadly.

No change for me have you tried another controller?