Rebuying a barn find car

I know this is probably unimportant, but there is my question anyway:

I’ve found every barn finds in the game. I wanted to keep them for collection purpose, but ended up selling some of them at the auction. I bought them back from some other seller and did confirmed getting them back to my garage, but I noticed that those would not appear as “owned” in the barn find list even though I did found them all in the first place and certainly own them at the moment after buying them back. Is this an issue or the intended behavior since I had to buy them back?

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Dunno. It may just be due to buying the barn find second-hand and not having the original. Can’t say for sure, it could be a glitch. :shrugs:

Probably because of you selling your restored barn find that’s why it wont show as owned

I’m willing to bet this is intentional behavior. It probably does only display your barn finds as a way of tracking what you’ve got discovered.

Exactly, if you were to buy a used barn find car from someone else, it wouldn’t register as your discovery. Really your only option is to somehow buy back your very own barn find car… Good luck with that.