Rebelsky's H3 Gallery

Hey guys, this is my gallery. All cars were designed by me.

Hope you Enjoy

UPDATE: Ive gone through and deleted some old shots. I have a lot of these shots enhanced on Flickr and have updated several posts with new shots.

McLaren 570S

McLaren 650S

Nissan Fairlady Z 432

Ferrari 288 GTO

Acura NSX 2017

Honda NSX-R 1992

McLaren F1

Ill Update More Later

Blizzard Mountain


Ferrari 360CS

Nice shot!

F12 Berlinetta


Lamborghini Miura - Blizzard Mountain



You’ve got some very nice designs!

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Fairlady Z on BM

Sidenote - A Class tune available for rally in my storefront. I can usually win every championship with it. Any car you see here I have an solid tune for, you wont be disappointed.

The GTB on BM for a change

Saleen S7

Snow Viper

Blizzard Mountain from the highest point

More of the 650 S - Redesign

CS 360 Back in Black

Motul Mustang Boss

That last shot of the Mustang is really cool!

Thanks guys.

A few more Boss. Went through several designs and probably my favorite car in this game cause its good either race or rally. Paint on the Borla is a dark two-tone red if its hard to tell.

Hoonigan Boss

Honda NSX-R Black Edition

Great shot!

^+1, that is also my favorite from your latest set.

A Metallic Blue, 2-toned - Lamborghini Centenario

One thing I would of done with your latest update is using less shots and mixing up the variation in layouts or composition. Because currrently your latest update features too many shots that look similar from a range of angles. But while you using a range of times of day. It should be noted you should always time to only post up your best work, instead of saturating every update with too many similar looking or near identical shots.

This is great:

The only thing I would change is maybe pan a bit more to the left so that car on that right is cut out of the photo.

Showing off the Ford GT 05

That last photo is quite the beaut!

Very nice perspective here, and the lighting is great:

Big update, check OP also.

I have lots more shots up on my Flickr. Im going to post a few favorites here. Thanks for looking!