Reasons why I am disappointed now

  1. Dubai. It is not a good track. Just isn’t by far.
  2. No preloading though the game releases in 9 days from now and I already got billed.
  3. No incentive for playing an overshort oversized demo. In FM6 you could earn a car. Here: Nothing.
  4. No Forza loyalty rewards have been announced. AGAIN the game release is in 9 days!

How can anyone consider this a successful product launch, when already everything is worse and with less Attention to Detail than what they did last release?
I really don’t get it.
Has the product team changed and they are all newbies now?
Have you already forgotten what made past releases great and everybody full of pre-joy?

Feel free to add your own reasons why you are disappointed below.

Pretty much says why I am disappointed...

It’s not that laggy on Xbox, but still laggy.

I still wonder, how, after the great Forza 6 Demo and Full Game, this escaped Quality Control.
And not only that, the whole Demo lacks VISION for a SHOWCASE.

At any rate, I am very happy I did not preorder the Xbox One X yet.
Because it would have been for Forza 7, but from the looks of it, it’s Forza 6 two years later and nothing new.

Still gonna Play F7 of course, as an old fan of the series.


I was able to mostly fix the freezing/stuttering by changing my Windows Power setting from “Balanced” too “Performance”.
The Creators update changed it back to balanced and also hid the settings under layers of menu pages.

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It’s a demo, half of the features do not work.


Ahh the snowflake generation.


Ah, the bitter older generation, who believe they’re far superior to everyone else.


But … but we are. :wink: Nah, there’s crybabies of all ages. And while some complaints are valid, others are not. In the end Forza 7 is not a full step - it’s the transition from FullHD to 4K. There is little new content because all content was redone for 4K. Just like Forza 5 felt like a disappointment to some because the transition from 720p to 1080p came with the reworking of all assets. It’s sad that we are already at the same point but I am glad this happens now. It means Forza 8 can be to Forza 7 what 6 is to 5 - or 4 to 3. Or 2 to 1. See a pattern here? Even numbered Forzas are where it’s at. We don’t get loads of new cars because the existing 700 have to be redone for 4K (textures) and VR (interiors). But this step would always happen at one point. Or you do it like Gran Turismo always did and mix old content with new one, but it looks like a mess. Turn 10 is doing a great job at updating while expanding.


you beat me to it,

and also, If voicing your opinion makes you a snowflake then everybody is a snowflake.


You got it in one. So y’all bitter oldies can step down from your high horses now, try not to injure yourselves on the way down!


Thanks guys for the good laugh. By the way I’m been between these two generations, what do I get to be? Give me some cool snarky moniker as well please. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea because before Generation-X and millennials nobody was whiny and entitled, ever.

You’re just one of those older people that look condescendingly at younger generations, a repeating stereotype that probably has existed as long as humans have.

Really just an attempt to make yourself feel better and more special at the expense of others. Which isn’t a great sign for the rest of your life. There should be plenty other things that ought to make you feel like that if you lived your life well.

Now go tell us how everything was better back in the day and music these days sounds like poo.

Rolling my eyes so hard they’re almost falling out of my head.


Not totally related to this game, but music these days does sound like poo. Then again, a good amount of music from most generations sounds like poo.


Look up the video “Why is modern pop music so terrible?” by Thoughty2 on YouTube. It’s a scientific analysis of why music has gone downhill in the last ten years. It’s not opinion. Music is getting to be sterilized and more generic by the day.

About the drivatars, I would prefer they finally dropped them completely and came to the realization that basing AI on the average Forza player has lead to nothing but bad results as the drivatars take all the worst aspects of player behavior and teach it to new players. I like how other games like F1, PC, Dirt Rally and others use actual names for the drivers like Forza used to. Helps a little for immersion. Better than seeing Decapitator69 or CallofDutyFan666 in the starting grid.



Oh god, i cannot stand whiny old people like that, that think everything should be made for them, and that they look down on others (younger) and automatically deserve respect when they do not.


Again the game releases in 9 days so they still have 9 days left to announce stuff that Loyalty rewards if any at all and also the day one car pack still has to be announced.


I’m actually pretty excited after playing the demo. Cars feel much better imo, I can actually feel grip where in the 6 I felt nomatter what any cars over 500hp wants to slide all the time.


here is my 2 cents… forza has not changed but most of us racers have… . t10 has always targeted the teenage age group… most of us have simply outgrown forza… the older we get the more sim racing we want. lucky for us there is another game that i truley belive is trying to be that game for us older/more mature racers…

things change, alot of us started out playing sonys GT and made the jump to forza, i feel like times are changing again
its so frustrating cyz forza motorsport 6 had the foundation to be a great game but it seems t10 dosnt care…


Are you talking about project cars 2? Cause it sounds like your talking about Project cars 2. The game that comes out in 2 days. Yeah Project Cars 2. Where the entire community was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? THE CONTROLLER IS SO BAD!!! Then the development team was like “Our bad, don’t worry - We’ll fix it.” And then they fixed it with proof. That game?


The same Project CARS that was a completely bug ridden disaster that was never fixed Project CARS? Yeah, can’t wait for more of the same in Project CARS Too.