Rear View Mirror 8-4-14

Good Evening Race Fans,

Rear View Mirror is back to bringing you racing highlights and Forza community news. This week we take a look at IndyCar, the Pirelli World Challenge and NASCAR racing as well as some fun community -sponsored contests and their winners.

Check it out and post your comments.



I assume BrokenVegetable is not requesting a 200 car dlc pack to drop lol.

Good to have you back John. I don’t think I would get away with joining your stream from work or maybe getting it happening on the train on the way to work lol

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Welcome back John! Always enjoy reading RVM on Monday night.

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@SatNiteEduardo, I think it would be ok if a 200 car pack did drop, it would just mean that the project would take a whole lot longer then I would have at the beginning thought. I feel pretty confident that I will only have to add a few more cars to the list.

Thanks johniwanna for the mention and all the hard work you put into staying on top of all things motorsport related. I love reading all your articles. They help keep me in the loop as to whats going on around me.


I am sorry about the loss of your family member. My dad died last year and my mom is on her death bed, ever since dad died she hasn’t been the same. They were married for 45 years. Keep her and me in your prayers and ill do the same for you. Glad your back and I enjoy reading your articles.

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Great RVM John,glad you are back. Sorry to hear about your family loss,hope you are doing okay! Was great to see Dale Jr get the sweep! Anyways keep em coming John,thanks.

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Nice to see you back at it John, hope things get better for you :slight_smile:
Was a shame to see Castroneves have such a bad time of it, he’s had a great run so far, one of the most consistent drivers on the grid this season. here’s hoping things pick up again for him soon

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welcome back John and RVM!!
Sorry for your loss its always hard!!

some great racing this week. missed out due to holiday.
Thanks for the shout out!! there is another show coming up soon with a zombie theme but i don’t know if i can make that one.

this is the other car show DUBDAYZ album

The photo of every car looks like a lot of work, kudos to that guy for doing forza 5 and horizon 2

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Is a pleasure to come back to read the rvm article!
Too many days have passed since the last reading, welcome back John and condolences for your family loss.
Very charming the picture at the top of the article, the building with the Bugatti inscription: it reminds me some of the century old abandoned buildings in the north of Italy, where I live. Places rich in history, where you can still hear the busy life that flowed inside.
Very nice also the photo of the red buggy: This car reminds me of the one led by the protagonists of a cute Italian buddy movie of the seventies “Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo” (Watch Out, We’re Mad!). The right car for the summer season!

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Welcome back, John!

Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope it all gets better for you. No better place to vacate than in Wisconsin!

I don’t mean to copy the actual theme of a meet, but if I were to host a meet, the theme would definitely be just like “Kei to the City”, a YouTube movie MCM made.

That is my ultimate dream, is to go to Japan and experience the car scene there.

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Great to see you back, John! Sorry to hear about your loss, I know how it feels to lose a family member, I lost 2 this year, my condolences go out to you and your family. I was excited to see Dale Jr sweep at Pocono and the Indy race at Mid-Ohio was great to watch, though I did miss the PWC race; but any race at Mid-Ohio is always great to watch, I do wish I can go see one of those races again, as I haven’t been to one since 2006.

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was that Infinity car pack i saw in a youtube vid real or fake? if real when do they come out.

Welcome back, John
It’s cool to hear that you have roots in Wisconsin as I was born and raised there. I LOVED the bugatti building and reminded me of a place I visited with lots of old buildings made out of bricks.
I am also sorry for your loss hope you get back at 100% soon.

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It’s great to see you back, John. I know words can’t help much but I’m sorry to hear about your loss, always a great pain to go through this kind of situations. I hope you can feel better soon.

PS: Thanks so much for the Horizon unicorns, truly appreciated.

I am actually new around here, and as such, I cannot say that I have missed you. I am, however, sorry for your loss.

The photograph project seems interesting, specially when it comes to classics like the Miura or the Jaguar E Type; always with that the Italian Job vibe.

The title photo makes me remember, and miss, tracks like Rally di Positano with all that secenery, which goes hand in hand with the aforementioned cars. There is almost nothing as dramatic as an oldschool european coupe speeding thru an antique Italian road. Am I the only one here who is actually really glad Horizon 2 is on Europe?

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Hi John. I’ve been away from the forums for nearly a year now and just recently come back to them. Great to that RVM is still going as always a good read. I probably missed so much over the months i’ve been away. Also i’m sorry for your loss I know its not easy but everything will work out in time. Look forward to next weeks edition.
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Hi John, welcome back, sorry about your loss, it’s good to have RVM back and I hope you enjoyed your holiday.No F1 for a few weeks so no racing for me to watch, but I enjoy reading your thread about races I haven’t seen.
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Great to see you here John! I’m new to the forums, but I love playing Forza Motorsport. As some people have said before, I love the old building with the Bugatti logo. In the Mid-Ohio, it’s amazing that Newgarden did not win because of running over an air hose! Up until now, I had never heard of such a thing like that happening!

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Hi John! I’m new here, but I wanted to say I’m sorry for your loss. I can certainly understand as just this past Sunday I lost my Uncle to prostate cancer. I had wanted to go down for the wake and funeral tomorrow, but it’s in Texas and I’m in Chicago so it’s either drop 1k for a plane ticket or an 18 hour drive. I was willing to make the drive but my grandmother told me no because she would be worried sick the whole time.

Anyways, I like the Every1 project, I think it’s ambitious and I’ll be interested to see if they completely make it, especially with Horizon 2Speaking of Horizon 2, I know the map will be huge but have you ever wanted to see Forza take on the Baja 1000? I think it’s the most spectacular race in the world and it’s my personal favorite. I know they could never make an entire 1,000 mile long track or map, but I think I would love to see Forza try to emulate it by say just having a super endurance race in Horizon 2 that just went absolutely all over the map without using any laps.

Well, I hope you’re recovering well from your family loss, take care!

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That’s so cool that a Bugatti restoration shop was in the same area your dad worked in (and in Wisconsin of all places)! But on a much more serious note, I’m sorry to hear about your loss…losing a family member who you are really close to is never easy and I know what it feels like, and I hope you’re feeling better I know it’s rough man. Hope you feel better soon.

This is kind of weird to even ask now…but:

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