Rear View Mirror 7-20-15

Oval racing with IndyCar and NASCAR, we prepare for Formual Drift to come to Seattle, and we say good bye to Jules Bianchi in this edition of Rear View Mirror.


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Nice article as always, however Kyle Busch’s 3 points race wins still puts him one less points win than Jimmie Johnson this year.

Sorry if this has already been answered else where and sorry if i have posted in the wrong place, i was wondering if someone could tell me what the song is thats used in the jules bianchi tribute video, such a brilliant video and great choice of song, such a loss :frowning:

I believe it’s called “Just Drive” by Alistair Griffin.

Really sad loss, and great tribute.

we hope and pray a lot during these long months.
but unfortunately it ends tragically.
thank you for this tribute video, hard to hold back tears …
rest in peace Jules