Rear View Mirror 5-5-14

This week Rear View Mirror focuses on the Grand Prix of Monterrey. Tudor United SportsCar Challenge, the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge, and the Super Tropheo at Laguna Seca.

Plus racing news from Virtual Motorsports and TORA.

Read it, comment about, reflect on each day.



RVM not showing for me,John.
Edit,it is now.

Hello John!

I’m a fan of the FM, I’m sorry to say, more truth must be told! This video telling the story of Forza, shows how FM4 and all its predecessors are better than FM5, in all aspects, quantity, variety, customization, etc. …
All you had to had improved from previous versions have been lost, launched a proloque forza, full of bugs, it was a step backwards in time, the crowd just looking cardboard, reminds me of old games.
The numbers are there to prove how many left to play and were disappointed when playing FM5.
Everything to release a game in a hurry …

Thanks Johniwanna for this awesome edition of RVM, good work indeed,
Thanks VoodooUomo for the photos, awesome shots. I did like the cool video presented by John as well.
Big congratulations to the Doran Racing Team, especially BJ Zacharias and and co-driver Brad Jaeger for the fifth place in the #14 And to our fellow Forza community member Dwnshift.

The Tudor race at Laguna Seca was great to watch, along with the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge. The Talladega race was alright, even though Dale Jr. didn’t do so well to avoid any late race wrecks (as he stated in a interview, which i can understand) and several rookies got their best finishes; But in the end, it was a well-deserved win for Hamlin and another great finish for Larson, looks like he’ll be rookie of the year!

That video was good, i love the look of that corvette thanks for the great posts
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Amazing post with great pictures from VoodooUomo, awesome videos can’t wait till the next post !

Wez Allan

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Brilliant article again thanks for the great post that Lamborghini looks great.
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Great article! I loved the onboard view video. Thanks for the post.

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great read, laguna seca is one of me favorite tracks. and this is such good coverage with one of my favorite race types GT class…good stuff !!

The photos and links are great. Thanks again for the great work bringing this to our community.

Great RVM ,John. Great pics from VooDoo. Loved the in car Lambo video!

The race on Laguna Seca was nice, I really liked it. The pictures are awesome especially the one with the Lambo. Great article, as usual!

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Great videos, I loved the cockpit video, would love to see the on board camera from the spin out with the Porsche in the other video.

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Good photos for a great week end. Good rear view mirror as always.

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I attended the races at the Mazda Raceway and it was my first time attending. I got to meet drivers from different teams and series since the paddock area is accessible to all. The hike up to the corkscrew was tough but was worth it. Later I found out there are courtesy shuttles, derp. Great atmosphere, awesome driving, and a great race track.

Nice RVM John! Its Great.

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great article keep up the good work.
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Race very exciting and very brief multi class! First time I see this kind of race! Liked and already added the channel.

Today I went to the forum for how to make the unicorn car and found these interesting posts. Liked. Now I’ll be always updated about the worlds of racing.

I am Brazilian, I’m sorry if any clerical error because it was done via translator.

Regards to all

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Any unicorn! thank you

That Lamborghini and corvette look amazing. Great photography, and amazing videos. Thanks John!
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