Rear sliding out when letting off the gas

I’m having trouble with the rear sliding out when I’m letting off the gas in a corner. the issue isn’t when I’m braking and differential deceleration doesn’t seem to be the issue. is there any common fixes to this?

If you are sure its not decal related, then the suspension is unloading in the rear.

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What adjustment would fix that?

assuming all things are equal and you’re not hitting any bumps/kerbs etc, just the front springs.

Are you increasing the decel or decreasing it? You should be increasing it to prevent lift off oversteer.

you’re supposed to increase deceleration differential if the back is sliding when letting off the throttle?

Keep dispensing that knowledge dust… I’m taking notes… you just fixed a BMW 1M speed tune im running in the lobbies with the exact same problem and I had no idea how to fix.


Great to hear!

raise decel on diff 10 clicks at a time until its gone.

My assessment is that lift off condition is unloading the rear too quickly and the rear suspension is unable to cope with it.

As D2D has mentioned, stiffening (I assume) the front will slow down the rear unloading.

Alternative is to soften the rear REBOUND to allow the rear wheels to maintain better contact at mid corner lift off.

Even though you have stated differential does not seem to be the issue, would be prudent to give it a second look as something that I overlook often catches me off guard.

FWIW I had a similar issue and raising the decel was the most important counter measure (in combination with slightly raising front dampers and softening rear dampers).

Forza 6 is quite different to tune than 5, I still did not hit the perfect spot.

My learnings so far compared to 5:

  • less camber
  • higher decel
  • greater spread between front and rear dampers required (rear 1-1.5 lower than front)

This is all for RWD.