Really not sure if the game is worth playing right now

Between the Psycho AI that has their Catchup boosts, and Acceleration/speed boosts upped to Insane levels that would make old Arcade cabinet racers blush, and that makes playing on the difficulties that we’ve been used to for the past horizon games (Pro for me) nearly impossible to play on. And the constant Sever issues that make playing online near impossible right now, theirs nothing really possible or at least nothing actually really fun to do right now.
I thankfully believe that all this ridiculousness will be sorted out soon in patches, but for right now, i can’t find much to do besides maybe PR stunts.
The games good, its beautiful, and the cars and customization are great, but until the gameplay problems are fixed, either skip it for now, or go in with caution.

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Don’t play it now. it is broken experience. except few people who have no issues at all, better wait for official release date.

Psycho AI? AI seems easier and more consistent than past games. Get Good maybe?