Really excited for F7 But push me over the edge on this one.

First thing im trying to recover my old MS account(BTW never use a cable company email use a gmail)Ok I still have a xbox 360 collecting dust.But the Xbox 1 X has got me kinda in the mood to get back into it again.F7 has alot im interested in again.My Tv is 4k ect.I guess my main 3 questions are this:(1)Im not beating the custom lobby horse again but how hard will it be to just race your way with friends for fun?(2)Any penalty system for F7 in muiltiplayer?Im usually just along for the ride but thinking it might still be worse.(3)Will qualifying and pitstops be included during the longer races?Thanks upfront cause im sure everyone will nick pick this game to death but i enjoyed Forza for back in the day.peace

Private Lobbies will most likely still exist and run in the same way that they did in previous games. Should that be the case it will be easy to get a race going, provided you have the friends available to run one of course.

If you want to beat that Custom Public Lobby horse though, here’s a thread for you:

Details are thin on the ground right now.

A corner-cutting system has been mentioned, but the current info suggest it will be for high rank Leagues and Forza Racing Championship events only.

No systems have been mentioned yet for dealing with people who crash into others, which leads me to believe there won’t be any.

We don’t know.

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No to all. FM7 has way cool new graphics, and that’s good enough for T10, apparently, to charge full pop for this “new” title.

  1. It’s already in FM6.
  2. They say there will be but who knows yet.
  3. Pit stops are already in FM6. Qualifying we don’t know but if so it will be optional.


Thanks for the help.Im looking forward to making my wife mad when i unplug reinstall and make make a general mess of my tv area looking forward to F7 and XBX1 come november.


One X cant get here quick enough for me either. I wanna pre-order it already

  1. private lobbies should be easy to create. New race options include rolling starts, pit entry markers and mandatory pit stops called QuickStops (all introduced with the FM6 Nascar expansion). There’s also a new Damage option in addition to off and Simulation damage, it’s Fuel & Tires (basically, fuel and tires wear out, but you don’t incur mechanical damage from hitting other cars or walls. Some tracks will have wet and/or night layouts; at night, if you damage your headlights on certain tracks, you will lose the light and not be able to see, so this is a good option to use against crashers.

  2. there are no known details of a penalty system. However, Forza 6 has almost all inside corners blocked off by massive impenetrable tire barriers intended to curb corner-cutting. I’m unsure if this will make the jump to Forza 7, as Some ppl found it rather annoying, as they can heavily damage your car if you brake late (with damage on, of course). My idea would be that everyone has to earn multiplayer time by earning Clean Racer points in Single-player Career and earning penalties in MP earns you a 1-week ban from MP, but that’ll never happen.

  3. pit stops have always been in Forza, but they only really have an effect if you select QuickStops or have damage turned to Fuel/Tires or Simulation. If you drive at night and happen to lose your headlights, no worries, just pit next opportunity and they’ll be fixed for ya. No qualifying info for FM7 as of yet. Trailer seems to show pit stops complete with animated wheel replacement and driver changes, but T10 has said that these animations will not happen during any Single-Player or Multi-Player race.

Well, if you consider the alternatives: Project Cars 1 ended up having about 12 major updates, which means it was in alpha and Project Cars 2 has been in development since BEFORE the first game was finished, which doesn’t fill me with hope for it. Assetto Corsa is for robots and racing experts and people who like to completely ignore it’s awful AI physics and sort of medicore gameplay. Gran Turismo Sport…that’s Sport as in “eSport”…is focused primarily on online racing with sort of a school for the “campaign” and it doesn’t even seem like you’ll be able to use your own cars in the single-player campaign.

On the other side, you have Forza 7. Which we know at least has 700+ cars and lots of tracks and a decent physic engine, driver changes, actual pit stops this time, and dynamic weather. What we DON’T know is if they’ve fixed things like the annoying, deadly tire barriers that plagued Forza 6 or what the career is going to look like and things. But, either way you slice it, I feel like Forza 7 is a more exciting…well, Arcade Sim, but it’s the best arcade sim.


what do you mean by “actual pit stops”?

If they’re talking about an animated pit crew and all that jazz, then they must know something that the rest of us don’t since far as I know – and I look, everyday – this has not been confirmed nor denied by T10.

Also, a word of caution: if you think GT is the only game that’s going to be heavily focused on esports, then I fear you’re sorely mistaken. Esports seems to be the only thing T10 is talking about in what we’ve seen so far from their FM7 press materials, with Dan going so far as to introduce them in the various interviews I’ve see when the interviewer’s question had NOTHING to do with esports AT ALL. Add the fact that “ForzaRC” seems to be appearing in the news section/WIRs on this site more than “FM7”, and you can see just how heavily invested T10 is in the stuff. I swear, if I get asked one more time to “come here and watch so and so beat so and so” I’ll REALLY flip my lid. It’s almost as if they don’t have another game coming out in less than two months. It’s weird; if you were to come to this site fresh, you might miss the fact that FM7 is coming at all.


- Dynamic weather will not be available on every track.
- No animated pit crew mid-race.
- No driver swaps.
- Time Penalties for corner-cutting in Multiplayer.
- Certain cars will be exclusively rewarded in Career.
- You can use PS4 wheels with Forza Motorsport 7.
- Auction House confirmed.

Ignoring the navigation bar and the footer:

4 out of 5 links discuss Forza Motorsport 7.

Slideshow links:
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Link to forums, full-screen image from Forza Motorsport 7.

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Advertisement for Forza Motorsport 6: Apex.

There’s nothing wrong with being critical of what you know about Forza Motorsport 7 so far* but to say that it’s barely visible on the website is factually incorrect.

* There are things I am critical of and waiting for further info on too, no fanboyism from me here.

Well said. I’ve been around since the first Forza, in the original Xbox. I’ve watched the game go through all of its changes, and even when features I enjoyed disappeared, there was never a game that could give me as much for the money.
I’ve been active in the forums in the past, and I’ve lurked quietly too. Every time a new iteration of the game is announced, there are people who beat it to death before and after release. Sometimes the issues are real and frustrating, and sometimes they are petty nonsense. But, I haven’t found a game yet to provide as many hours of entertainment value as Forza does. I’m an older guy (58) who has gone through a lot of health issues that have affected my hand eye coordination, but I will be buying Forza 7 and enjoying it as much as I possibly can.


Wonder why they removed the penalty system they had back in Forza 2 instead of the horrendous tire barrier, or the [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] slow on grass and all the other tries were all worse than penalty…

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Maybe they want everybody, and I mean everybody, indulging in MP. Some folks might be put off by penalties and not buy the game for its MP aspect. I, personally, would openly welcome a penalty system to do away with the wreckers/crashers/track retards for good.

Yeah posted before the list went up and I was looking on my phone and all you really see there is the RVM/RC and HMA stuff (which mean nothing to non-Forza people) and the Regalia launch. Keep scrolling and “oh, look! There’s a new Forza coming. What’s all this other stuff about, then?” Then Apex and Hub on Windows 10. I dunno; seems to me with a game coming this soon and this competitive a market, your top 3 stories on mobile should talk about the new game. And the Forza 7 “news” they do have if you remember to swipe left? Ancient.

I’m really trying to maintain an open mind here, but they’re just not giving us much to go on. I’ll say again what I’ve said before: I’m not even asking for much. Maybe a single new car – one new car! From the 100s I’d like to see! – an answer to at least one of the many questions that have been asked here millions of times before; they want me to PO the game; well, what do I get if I do? They still haven’t even announced the contents of the pre-order car pack yet. I understand how many around here think (“you don’t like it, don’t buy it” and so on), but what the heck? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain they announced the pre-order content for FM6 right around the time they announced the game itself. PCARS2, for example, has the pre-order lists right there, one click off the homepage.


I agree. If you check most of the big gaming sites they have regular updates & tonnes of videos for Pcars 2 and Gran Turismo Sport.

We have been given a list of cars and 1 video from E3 2 months ago and not much more else.
My youtube feed is crammed with WIP (work in progress) videos of Pcars 2. Having watched a few i can get a real idea of what to expect and it looks good.

Forza 7 seems lost in time. Honestly its getting a bit suspicious.


That it is. I’m honestly starting to believe they have nothing at all to say that can’t be said in a quick presser at Gamescom.

Heck, the more radio silence builds 'round here, the more the Gamescom presser (assuming there is one) itself is shaping up to be a major disappointment. If we’re going to give T10 the benefit of the doubt – I mean for real – then we can say they’re being silent now, so that when we do start to see some stuff, it will blow our minds. Trouble with that is, the margin of error is very thin: if all we get at Gamescom is an announcement that the Nurburgring now has variable weather and that the PO pack will also be called “Fast and Furious” and feature a bunch of warmed-over cars no one will drive, it will blow no one’s mind and you’ll be able to hear a pin drop both there, and everywhere else anyone interested in FM7 may be lurking.


To blow people’s mind I think Turn 10 will have to come out about the improvement in the Physics, wheel and talk about some more new features (If they have any).


That’s becoming more and more of an “if” as the days go by.

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That’s the problem it’s a massive IF. There’s about 20 features I could list that I relatively know the community would like and have asked for and the response we have gotten for pretty much ever feature that hasn’t been confirmed yet is the magical, “stay tuned”. Radio silence is great to build anticipation for a week or so but after a near 2 months of radio silence the hype for FM7 has died on these forums imo. Actually the Toyota situation has added some life to the FM7 discussion ironically and that’s does not even sound like good news. The hype will probably come back after Gamescom and after the demo is released but it’s very patchy. Even a simple we will be releasing information on approximately such and such date would be great.