Really angry and disappointed Playground didn't learn their lesson with Creative Hub challenges

When I find a game I absolutely love, and can spend countless hours in you bet I’ll at least try to 100% the whole thing.

With FH4, I got pretty close. All exclusive cars collected, all roads, boards, races, Xbox achievements were complete. But then there was the Star Card. I got EVERY SINGLE category of the Star Card completed, all EXCEPT the “Superstar Creator” category. No matter how many designs I made, photographs I took, tunes I created, I could never get those levels up no matter how hard I tried. It’s extremely unfair that completing these challenges is strictly dependent on other players deciding to download them.

Now, looking through the Accolades (which I intend to complete all 1,876) I’m absolutely devastated that not only do these challenges return, they completely DOUBLED DOWN ON THEM. Now, to get every Painting, Tuning, and Photo branch of the Creative Accolade category, you must have a minimum of 500 LIKES AND DOWNLOADS EACH ONE.

This is utterly beyond ridiculous for a normal person like me, especially the photo challenges. The front page of photos for FH4 basically never changed in the three years I’ve played and that’s because no one viewed especially liked any photos. If I wanted some great Forza Horizon Photography, I’d go to Twitter or Instagram, not the main game. It’s super unfair considering the only people that really tend to be able to complete these are Youtubers, they have an entire platform and plenty of fans to showcase their designs to.

I doubt this will change anything because you’ll need the entire population of every first world country collectively screaming at the devs for them to consider changing anything, but the Creative Accolades should be based around MAKING things, NOT HAVING THEM DOWNLOADED. I should be able to complete EVERY Accolade using my OWN skill, not depending on what others do.

In the last few months of FH4’s lifecycle, I was desperately trying to complete that last section of Star Card. Every second I wasn’t at work or school was spend BEGGING people online to download my designs and tunes. A few people pulled through but I never got any of those stupid levels beyond five, which was ridiculous considering I have easily 400 total downloads across all of my designs, and only about 100 or so for my Tunes (I LOVE tuning, had over different tunes, and of course that’s the best I could get)

I even took this guy’s advice which was just to copy whatever the first page design was. Did that for two cars and only got about 150 downloads each. I think it’s completely ignorant and disconnected from your playerbase to think EVERY single player is easily going to have AT LEAST FIVE HUNDERED DIFFERENT, UNIQUE HORIZON PLAYERS DOWNLOAD, AND LIKE AT LEAST ONE DESIGN, TUNE, PICTURE, AND VINYL. 99% of players just download whatever’s the first option, and those usually just being the YouTubers that already pumped their creations to the front of the page with their fanbase just PUSHES all our creations out of the light.



Agreed to a large extent. I do like that there is an aspect for the people that play the games for that stuff primarily, extra points for them and such, but 500 downloads is indeed ridiculous, especially when there are now more than 8 million people that could be going for these.

And it is not just Playground not learning from FH4, it is the whole franchise not learning since Motorsport 5 and the madness that was tuning and design rewards. You had to have your tune or design used 100 times in a single day just to get any credit at all. Grinding that among friends was at least possible, but it was still an insane system. But yeah, I agree on encouraging creation rather than consumption here.

As for the star cards of FH4, I gave up on most of those when they didn’t give credit for stuff I had already done, so they were impossible to achieve anyway.


I look at it a different way.

The filled the Accolodes with BS like this so I can’t get 100%
I’m fine with that.

There is now No Incentive for me to care about the Accolades at all… which leaves me free to spend a lot more of my time playing something else other than this broken cut and paste of FH4+DLC.

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I know some members here tried to get traction by posting tunes that would be helpful during Seasonals. I tried to use those tunes.

Honestly there should be a pinned thread where people can post ID#'s for the community to help with these achievements. There’s no way to get them all organically unless you’re a high volume or high profile player.

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who wants 100 % ? , it is not needed at all to enjoy the game.

I really can’t start enjoying the game until I get it to 100%. I know I’m not alone in that.

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