Realistic driving meet ups happening all the time join!

I love to drive as realistic as possible with my friends in my club (the gentlemansclub), so if you like to do the same just message me and you can cruise with us :slight_smile:
1 Use realistic cars (no concept or prototype cars or cars that you can’t buy in real life)
2 use realistic paints and designs
3 have a license plate on your car, representing your country
4 keep safe distance no crashing
5 don’t overtake cars while we’re cruising
6 don’t invite friends without permission
7 use or upgrade no more than 900bhp

(Xbox one)

Are you kidding me??? That’s the 2nd time that you’ve just copied my text and posted it as your own. Are you really so uncreative?? Do you think that people would prefer a copy over the original? You’re really impudent!!

its lame either way. A racing game and your going 50- 60 mph where’s the fun in that? Please tell me i want to know.