Read me please🥺

im trying to complete the star card im stuck on the creative hub i need to be rank 5 in the following
Rank 5 photographer
Rank 5 tuner
Rank 5 blueprinter
GT: BeastlyBonBon
It would be a huge help if you downloaded them off my storefront to help me reach star card all help apriceated :heart:

I hear ya, it’s been tough.

Wait, you got Rank 5 Painter? That one is killing me. Takes so much time cuz I’m not the best painter and I don’t want to just do (substandard) paints. lol

I’ll check out what you have.

Remember you can simply share and unshare, which will help you get towards the target without needing anyone else to download anything.


You could FN but it would be quicker (immensly so, by about several days) watching paint dry on a wall…lol!!!

ya share unshare…

2 are at your home menu when you are at a home

1 iz on your outside menu on the road go to menu…i think this one iz foto

Good luck