Ray Traced Sound

Been testing the Ray Traced sound out, in fact I’ve gone the whole hog, and ordered a new Amp to test it even more. But basically regarding the Monthly Videos there was talk about mountain echoes… I haven’t heard any mountain echoes.

I have heard chickens running around you from all directions.
I have heard localised music from around Mexico locations.

But no mountain echoes.

Will try to get it better with my new amp.

I dont really get the canyon pass echoes either. Part of it might be the overall low volume of cars outdoors. Or the rays just dont reach far enough.
However l do think there is some audio reflection in the jungle. The tone changes when you drive a dirt trail among trees. Especially on some more higher tone cars like an Audi A1, or l imagine any Focus, where its easier to pick up.

All overhead roofing also adds it.

I heard a change from muddy ground, and trees to hard ground. I hear directional voices too, and I think I can hear wind at high speed, and directional seagulls.

Seriously? You two don’t know what echo is or why it exists?

The game has raytraced sound now, so it can create echoes. That’s what the thread is about.

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They already used it in FH4.
Take a car with loud engine (so that you can hear it more easily) and go drive in Edinburgh.

This is the first time that they have used Raytraced sound. They used echo in FH4, but not directional echo.

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Directoonal audio is because of Sonic/Atmos/DTS:X. It was in FH4 too. You could easily hear which direction sound came from.

Playground Games made a recent video about the new raytraced sound, and how it reflects in the mountains. That’s why I made this thread.

Yeah, and they had reflections in the old games too but they weren’t ray traced. It’s doing the same thing differently and hopefully more accurately.

Ray tracing sound? wth is that? . . .

Doesnt ray tracing referring to how things are rendered? what has to do that with the sound??? LMAO++

Playground Games call it Ray Traced sound not me. I’m just posting what they said.

Its just math, you can use it to calculate anything that reflects off other objects, like light…sound…etc.

It’s vectors, lines drawn from point A to point B, and then the angle of reflection to point C, and so on. I’m a games programmer.

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They’re tracing sound waves instead of light but it’s same principle.

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Does that explain why I get half a second of ‘Tunnel Noise’ passing under a wide open road bridge that is ~ 1 lane wide…

That is not how Tunnel Noise works!

Well it could have mistakes in it. So far it has sounded good. What could have happened in the tunnel is that they have the sound set to the speed of light instead… probably. Because originally it was meant to be for Ray Tracing… which is light.

Noticed this myself :slight_smile:

I wonder if Doppler is being taken into account here, blasting under an overpass shouldn’t suddenly spike my sound the way it does currently…

Soon we will have Tensor AI Soundcores haha. i can already see the CEO of Nvidia “It just works! we hear the echo of the echo bouncing of all the echo’s reverberating in all directions, isnt it amazing!”

So I spent a fortune on surround sound equipment even the latest one better than Atmos… Auro 3D. The mountains just deaden the sound not create echo. The train track bridges create a booming noise when you go under them which is a bit odd. I’m not sure they fully implemented the 3D sound properly.