Rattle The Cage (New Achievments)

The “Rattle The Cage” achievement is for fully exploring the Porsche 919 in Forzavista. I’ve tried it a couple times and can’t get it to pop. I’ve clicked every possible button, gone inside the car, even turned on the lights. Am I missing something?

Is anyone else having the same problem?

I don’t have the pack yet but on Truachievements plenty of people have the achievement so there is not a massive problem with it.

I can only assume there is something you can do in forza vista that you have not done.

Can you change paint, open all doors, take a photo.

Did you listen to the Blurb they had on it? It’s located (on most cars) on the front left corner (view as front right).

I did that, but didn’t try to paint it from there. I’ll check.

You have to access every single little bubble for it to pop, even look in the passenger side door there are two in there. and go into the paint and stuff also. interact with everything you can

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I went back in and it popped. I didn’t have to paint it. I don’t know.

Thank you for your help.

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:slight_smile: You’re welcome

Speaking of achievements:

FYI: “Forest Fire” is EXTREMELY difficult. Don’t bother using anything but the Lotus E23 in X class.

Tip: Reduce downforce to 25% both front and back to increase speed on the straights.

I will warn people…this is really hard if you’re not an “alien” as they say.

The lap can be dirty…so keep going in rivals with rewinds on.

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Really? Because I managed to get the achievement without much effort at all with a stock 1960 718 RS 60. There’s already an easy solution for it on True Achievements.

Yeah…I noticed that. It’s an easy “cheat” solution. I got it legit in Rivals, X class. If you want to do it that way, sure. I would rather get it the way I did it.


I’m trying to do “Forest Fire” with a Porsche 962c. Fully upgraded, with max downforce and mods I am already at 1:32.


For some reason I am haiving trouble with this achievement. I’ve fully explored the 919 twice clicking on every available button, going inside the car, starting the engine, waiting for the voice over or stats presentation to fully complete etc and yet I’m not getting credit for the achievement. Is anyone else having this problem? Am I missing something?

Inside right door ?!?

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I’ve hunted this achievement since July now. Every time I play the game, I have another go and try to get it. I went through all the bubbles multiple times. I even went through the paint and the customization ones. I’ve tried letting all the animations and speeches play to the end, I’ve tried cutting them short too. I’ve pressed all the buttons in clockwise order, counter-clockwise, even twice or three times before leaving Forzavista. Turning the lights on and off and on…
I’ve tried changing cars and going back to the 919. Nothing works.

I did the same things at the same time as the video posted as one of the solutions on TrueAchievements. The only thing that’s not matching the TA solution #1 is about closing the right door from the inside of the car. Once inside from the right, there are only 2 bubbles and the exit option.

So, yeah, I’m at my wit’s end about this. I’m wondering if uninstalling the game and the DLC would fix this that would be my last resort I guess.

Aannnnd I found another thing to try before the last resort… I just sold the car, bought it back, went back in forzavista and launched the speech. It unlocked the achievement immediately. So, yep, sell/buy back is another thing to test in case of issue.