Ranting about Horizon 3

First, I would like to preface this by saying that I am a huge fan of the Horizon series. They are literally my favorite open world driving games, and this one tops all the rest, however, I do have some complaints. None reside with features that were promised but weren’t delivered upon, like so many other games do, but nonetheless, here’s the list:

1.) Wide-body kits: I’m happy that they added wide body kits in the game, and doubly so that they affect the way the cars handle, tire size that can be applied, etc. But I feel like an opportunity was missed. Why exactly can’t all cars (especially sports cars) equip them? I mean, the 510 and 280z both get “FM” wide-body options, why couldn’t we extend that to the rest of the car roster? Of course it would take more time in development, modelling each car individually, but I would have been willing to wait if it guaranteed that all cars would have this option.

2.) Multiplayer: I actually had this issue with Horizon 2. I hate the XP championship system. Almost every time I’m in a lobby, the guy that stays in the middle of the pack drifting around every corner dominates (made worse by the Horizon Edition cars), while the guy that’s the quickest is third or second. Horizon 2 had an answer for this though: Car meet street races. Every friend that I have made playing the Horizon games has been made through the car meet system in Horizon 2. You met fast, clean drivers, had good races and generally had a lot of fun. Here we have one car meet. And it’s a drag race, which to me and the others that I know, is mind-numbingly boring. I just wish that they would have made these available in each region, like the last game. Barring that, maybe they could have an option on Online Adventure to vote for a points championship rather than an XP one.

You know, oddly, I thought I had more that irritated me about this game. I guess I was wrong. Cheers everyone, and I hope that they keep the blueprint system in Motorsport 7. Literally my favorite edition to the game.

Why does everyone get up set about a 4 race championship that pays 30k. I could make 10x that amount in my sleep.

If you like to race. Race up front with people who are racing, if you like to drift- let racers get by so the can race and and drift.

Honestly in my opinion it’s a win win. I’m not crying of 30k and honestly have won all but one racing XP championship and had a great battles. For 2nd and 3rd place and had great time online (most of my wins were not as gratifying)

I don’t think it’s the credit payout. It’s chump change for sure.

It’s the racing results don’t always correlate to championship standing that’s the issue. It’s odd that career mode got it right but multiplayer didnt.

I can understand having an XP championship for those who can’t drive too good to have success on those results, but why not a complementary points based championship too?

There could be 3 screens. First is end race result, 2nd is xp championship, 3rd is points championship. And there could be bonuses tied in for doing well in both.

That would be a win win to me.


This would be the way I’d like to see it. Barring that, go back to the Horizon 2 style I suggested before and create car meets in every area, so that you’re judged on speed. I think in Horizon 2, I probably did 10 online Roadtrips at most because of the XP system. Everything else online was in car meets. And I was literally still playing Horizon 2 up until Horizon 3 launched.

I’d be for this too. I do think they did this on purpose though for my reasoning as well. Usually the persons racing each other know who is doing well amongst each other.

It certainly in no way upset me to lose XP championship to other person that I beat 3/4 times in adventure (he eeked it out last race) I actually had fun and enjoyed racing him.

Sure show both boards. (Points and XP) all for it!

But I’m certainly not going to get my knickers in twist as other have over literally nothing. In fact I literally had opposite reaction and I’m sure your teammates also had good laugh as well. Countless threads about how terrible it is, why can’t I win, XP cars should be banned, how all the races are s2 and s1 (I raced in c, 2 b, 3in a, 2 in s1), the racing was good, it was a great online experience and you come in here and read and it’s the worst ever. It’s crazy.

I agree.
It would be nice to see points championship as well, but the XP one doesn’t detract from my experience at all and frankly am totally surprised it does from so many here

I find the XP thing to be hilarious. There’s been a few times I’ve intentionally lost just to troll my friends on the XP boards. Overall I usually finish where I should or higher due to massive skill chains.

You’re right that players in the lobby know who is good. We cleared out a few lobbies pretty quickly. Some of us intentionally dominated races and others intentionally were shooting for 100k + xp points.

I personally just like pointing out questionable aspects of the game. With enough traction, there may be change.

Overall though, the racing side of multiplayer hasn’t been great…but that’s why I’m tuning more cars for higher classes with the hope of maybe figuring out something I like. I’m thinking no collisions might be my jam.

The online scoring is stupid but I can live with it. What I can’t live with is the utter stupidity of the online vote which doesn’t allow us to race in the class of our choice. These votes skew high (S1 and S2) because everybody feels they have to play the biggest, baddest, supercar ever built. Then they tweak out every thing in their garage to S2 because they can. Faster and more powerful must better right? The fact that these idiots have no chance at ever running a clean lap in these kinds of cars makes no impact on these clowns. All I wanna do is race A-D online against real competition and the game won’t let me despite that fact that the content is there. They just won’t let me get to it. To add insult to injury the one way I could race these cars online whenever I wanted to was the car meet which they took away from us.


I do wish there was more types of widebody kits than just the Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny kits. I don’t like the look of the Rocket Bunny kits on a lot of cars (some look okay), but the Liberty Walk ones are a fast way to ruin the look of a car.

What exactly do you like about the blueprint system? To me it is the biggest disappointment in the game, as it was described as “now you can make your own races” which is blatantly false. It is just a cumbersome way of changing settings that used to be easy to change, and there is no ability to modify routes, which would actually make it worthwhile and seriously increase replayability. The bucket list blueprint system is fun for a little while, but gives minimal reward for some of the really hard challenges people set, in my experience at least.

The class system is what really gets me though, and the massive penalty for improving tyre quality and such. Where that came from I just don’t know. The online adventure system is rubbish compared to 2’s road trip, partly because it doesn’t usually actually give you a road trip - 300m to the next event, awesome. We used to have a lot of fun with the driving between events, but now not. And it is mental that you still can’t quit the adventure at the most logical time, between adventures - no access to the menu.

Other than that there is fun to be had but it still doesn’t hold a candle to 2 in terms of event variety - the map is more varied on the whole, but within events it is less so. We used to always be going through a little town at some point, where now there is nothing outside of Surfers, and putting that right in the corner means you never really see it. It was always going to be hard to compete with 2’s perfection, but they could have done better. Now there, there is a rant. Cheers.

If we are going back to old. I would much rather see horizon 1 online system

Pure skill in particular. Cycled production (spec) -points based ranking all in same car totally stock, with 63 exhibitions and 350 cars. Could race every class no problem.

I played Horizon 1 over and over in online, had tons of friends just from that online experience. I didn’t make 50 gameplay days in H2

Agree totally with mvon: why do I need to drop offline when I complete adventure-- why do I need to vote , and pick car for next adventure that I will be leaving? Incredibly obtuse!

While, I’ve played Horizon 1, I was deployed during all of my playtime with it and never got online :confused: So I’m not really sure how it worked. It does sound fun, though.

So is online adventure XP championship better for all those that complained?!?

Really wished we had points based championship that ran concurrently or seperate choice that was championship versus adventure instead of needing to nerf skills XP

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I still haven’t gone back to Online Adventure since the update. Without an actual reward for people who know how to drive properly, I don’t really see the point. I’d rather have my street races in Car Meets back.

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