Ranking system is completely useless

so on several occasions, I have won every race in a team adventure including freeroam rush. Yet other players pick ridiculous cars and end up dragging the team to a loss overall. if your team loses you lose 80 ranking points whether you have been first or last it doesn’t matter! the same goes for winning 140 ranking points regardless of position. so after spending the best part of 4 days being kicked and banned trying to do the 10 qualifying matches, you finally become ranked just to find out how skilled you are is totally irrelevant. please, devs either sort this out or give us some sort of single player online ranking matches this team adventure is awful.


I think the aim is for people to form teams with players they can trust to give their all.

I agree that single player PVP is needed. Now I am sure the devs will think its in every event on the map, choose PVP, blueprint the race how you want and away you go.

Sounds awesome. Problem is that it will only invite people in your session and even then depending on what they are doing at the time it may not flash on the screen that you are starting an event. I am often in menus and accidentally see 1 on my home screen. It takes me a few seconds to realise someone has started an event but by that time its often too late for me to join.

I think the PVP race mode needs a matchmaking system, at least a quick match method.


I totally agree with you about custom race, I have tried several time, and there were never more than 2 people with me.
But ranked PVP should not be played in team, it’s too hard to find 5 other people to play in team, and the game will still give all reward to a team, when ranking is indiviual.
For normal races, I have no problem with team racing, but we should have the choice between single & team playing in ranked races.

and to top this system if someone leaves the team with less people has a huge advantage cause it can generate more points so the whole “ranked” is totally not stating anything

Do you mean the points you got to win or points you earn after winning?
I have a 3 vs 6 extreme unbalanced match lose.
It cost me about 100 points, I think if I were in the opposite team winning, the reward will be 10 points only.

It’s been my experience that the team with the fewer number of racers normally wins. I have been in several Team Adventures against team with 2-3 players. In those cases, they win every race. As long as one of them finishes in the top 5, their team will win.

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FACTS! I noticed this a few days ago. I mean its cool the point system makes the adjustments because one team has less players but it gives a big advantage to the smaller team. The only disadvantage to the little team is they lose those points in that current round. Rounds after that are easier for them to win

Worst points system ever… won a game +2 points, lost a game -64 points. Not rewarding at all


LOL I just won a game and I lost -12 points for no reasons. This game sucks


I have had the same experience, but other members in this forum say “You must be mistaken, it is impossible to lose points if your team wins a Team Adventure”.

The one thing I do know is that ANYTHING is possible when playing video games.

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This has also happened to me multiple times.
Even after getting podium finishes in all 3 races.

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Well my team won the 3 raves and I lost 115 points

But everyone gets a trophy, that is the goal.
The wreckers and bangers couldn’t compete in skill based racing, because they lack the skill.

FH2 proves my point perfectly. The drifters had the right idea and it didn’t take me long to figure that out.
After fighting hard for first place I would lose all skill points because of the wreckers and bangers, which is why they were also always at the bottom.

Clean racing bonus + good drifting skills meant a win.
Wrecking and banging always equaled a loss.

Not fair to the wreckers and bangers, they beat everyone intothe walls to get first place.

Now to “fix” that problem and make it all fair and balanced, the wreckers and bangers always win while the people with skills and the ability to tune a car are stuck trying to figure out how to get ranked without having to resort to raging out on everyone else.

Yesterday i experience somehting new too about getting Points for games. It seems if one player leaves/disconnect or something the whole game gets very very low points in fact of fairness.

In most i really like this and would say that is a good feature but for now where it is mostly impossible to get an team adventure to run perfect it´s to me just like a punishment after trying to get hours and hours to finally get into a ranked and try to eran some points. I wouldnt even say that the ppl are leaving maybe this are many times just disconnect by system cause the whole thing doesn´t run pretty nice.
And to me the danger wiht this will be what if ppl just leave the game as soon they see they can´t win anymore just to “punish” the winner team by avoid that they will get many points.

Think here is very much work for t10. and to fix it should be priority number one of the agenda from t10.

Just my 2cents.

to the people complaining about wreckers and bangers, make your car faster and just out drive them, simple as that

So I ‘Qualified’ after doing 8 Team Adventure Races. Did another one and the Team won and got Zero points for my time. What a waste of 2 hours that was. Never doing it again. Bring back non-contact races and I’ll be back in like a shot.

Useful points for ranked adventures:

  1. no one can join in the middle of the match, loading time between rounds shorter than unranked.
  2. You got rewards monthly based on your ranking points.
    That’s it.
    Unbelievable sad things for ranked adventures:
  3. No one knows how the points are calculated.
  4. Even you are in convoy with team members or other player, not everyone can join a game together in the same team.
  5. Extreme long game searching time, especially Game adventures, not Racing. Not sure if players in convoy will have even longer searching time.
  6. You need to win one more, even you have enough points to next league level, eg. 2001 points, but still showing League 13 not 12 in the reward page.
  7. The League and Points were display incorrectly in the list in game, not matching the right player.
    Lots of other bugs.

The base issue with team adventure is the devs have no concept of reality. They think up and design things within the confines of their office where they are all “friends” and so play together cooperatively to win as a whole. That is not reality. In reality human are self centered and do not see the long term gain of working together when the short term gain for themselves satisfies their ego. Why do players crash, hinder, harass their teammates? Because they are only interested in winning for themselves to get the ego stroke of being first. The devs need to understand reality and human nature and get rid of anything that requires cooperation or team effort because it is just a way to frustrate most people and abandon those areas of play. The trial is the same, why is it only coop? Why does it require team effort to win but individual effort to get prizes? Shortsighted fantasy world thinking that is not based in actual reality of human nature plain and simple.

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