Ranked Woes.

First off; I want to thank Krystal for going through all of our complaints. You’re amazing.

I’d just really like to see a roadmap, or some more transparency from the teams above her. For instance, the convoy MM bug. People were asking about it when the devs were going through known bugs in the Update 2 stream; but none were acknowledged. Furthermore, (seemingly) everyone active here has been asking for Freeroam Rush’s removal, and non-team based options; will we see implementation of these?

Horizon 4 is a VERY good game. It’s a shame it’s so marred by the multiplayer experience. But I have faith in PG to fix them, and allow FH4 to become truly worth of its 9.x rating by the users, and not just critics.


A lot of people have been asking for a fix for wall running too, with a lot of suggestions for a relatively easy fix. There’s also the huge issue of actually getting into a ranked game too (Noted in the majority of threads).

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On top of that removal of free roam rush, I should be able to choose races on road only. Which class, not that important to me but that would be good too. I don’t like randomness. Those off-road things are very annoying when I just want to go and have a good race.

Anybody have a clue how to get into the same lobby as your convoy? Getting very annoyed that it won’t pull us both so either the person who gets pulled needs to quit and get demoted/banned or they have to race by themselves… Please fix this

Convoy MM is broken. You have to keep trying and hoping everyone gets matched.

If you’re the leader of the convoy, you have to wait for everyone else to get their invite first before proceeding.

Really? How does that work? Like when it says Ranked match found I just wait for them to accept? Half the time it doesn’t work at that point though, lol.

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