Ranked wins = 0 points?

So normally I haven’t bothered with ranked stuff in horizon but as I’ve already done a fair chunk of the journal game activities and races I thought I’d give it a go

Did my 10 “initiation” races unlocked league 20…since then after winning an event (despite the usual fools just ramming everyone because they can’t actually drive) it doesn’t progress. It just stays on 0 points towards league 19. Am I missing something here?

You are in team play if your team losses no points also you will lose league position if your team loses has well.

Please see my original post. Team winning events, not me getting firsts. I got 1 first 2 4ths team won 3-0 still 0 points towards league 19… This continued for another 2 ranked matches


I have exact the same problem. Everytime i play ranked and my team wins, im getting zero points. Standing still on 0 points rank 20… And there were at least 4 wins

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I’m in the same boat.

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I won’t waste any energy on ranked league other than for the league qualify achievement. Ranked clearly isn’t for lone wolves or random match players. I wonder how many players will play this in a dedicated way and beyond the first curiosity. Place first, team lost? BAM! In your face!

What I find worse is that there is no dev statement to the disastrous multiplayer people are experiencing and expressing in countless threads (often merged in some dumpster thread).

I would like to continue with team adventure and ranked team. Could someone shortly explain, how it works? Do you have any tips, how to reach levels easy (means, not consuming too much time).


I have the same issue. It irritating, I want to start working towards the rewards.

I have the same problem. At least three times my team has won today but still getting 0 points. Also when driving if I miss checkpoint the game doesn’t put me back on the track. It just keeps counting “Checkpoint missed 3… 2… 1… 3… 2… 1… 3… 2… 1…” and it keeps counting as long as I actually drive back to the missed checkpoint. Even reseting the car position doesn’t help. Something is broken. :confused:

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I have been wondering the same thing…

Yesterday I finally had a good day. I was able to get into 3 sequential Ranked Team Adventure races where a) it didn’t boot me before the first race because it was S2 street racing in winter and everyone quit the game before it starts because no one wants to play that, or b) it was S2 street racing in winter, which I’d really rather not do, or c) it just crashes at some random point.

Nope, this was a special day. All 3 races were class A street in fall or summer. It was beautiful… Exactly what I wanted, as I just got a Shelby Cobra. It’s so nice!

So, I raced my heart out and we won! All of them! What was the result?


[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]? I would say I feel gipped having bought the ultimate edition, but I just got another Hot Wheels car, so it’s not a total loss… right?

While we are talking about ranked races… I finally got the 10 races done, yesterday, ranked 19, then got to 18, then I started getting one losing teams. Not that I did very well in this one race (picked the wrong Nissan GTR), but some of my issue was a with a player on my own team, who kept trying to wreck me when I was trying to pass. He/she made it so I spent most of the race trying to get past him without spinning out/wrecking. If I remember right, my team lost 2 road races and won 2 freeroam rushes (I came in 1st and then 3rd), then the last race started and at some point before the race ended, about 3 of my teammates didn’t finish (including the guy who kept trying to wreck me) and had an ‘X’ by there name where it usually shows if they have finished or not. I think that means that they quit the game, right? If they quit the game does that mean that they wouldn’t get deducted points for losing? If so, that’s so not cool. :frowning:

some race i lost rating when our team was winning. guess its a personal thing too. when you race bad or be always last you aint getting much or worse. i keep staying at 2500k. thats good enough for each week. cuz if you go higher you get less points but lose much more if you dont win. and winning with a random player team is sometimes not easy…

Same issue here. Stuck at 20-0… anyone with the issue get it resolved ?

Based on discussions and “research” of opponents with the same situation (there are some other factors that contribute to points awarded such as individual skill rank and team skill rank of your team and your opponents, but in general the following is a simplified explanation to your situation):

If you go to the pause menu → Horizon Life tab → Stats (lower left area) → Online Adventure Tab and look at your online ranked wins vs. online ranked losses (this tracks your career stats and not just your season stats and also includes the tracking during your initial 10 qualifying matches, these qualifiers still gain and lose points to your ranking even before you have a rank, which is why after you qualify if you have rank 20 and 0 its because you lost more of your qualifiers than you won, if you were above 0 points and had a higher ranking its because you won more of your qualifiers than you lost), I would venture to guess you have more losses than wins. Your score can go into the negatives if you have a lot of losses/quits/disconnects vs. wins. The scoring displayed only goes down to 0, but your actual score continues into the negatives. Quitting/disconnecting during a match will be logged in the system and you will be penalized (this penalty can either be enforced when the other players complete that match or it can carry over to your next match, resulting in lost points even for a win). Until you win enough matches that earn you enough positive points vs. the losses and negative points you get, you will be stuck at Rank 20 with 0 points. Only thing you can do to get back above 0 is avoid quitting/disconnecting and win more than you lose.

See a more detailed post regarding this here (this was made before free for all existed, so the points system in that mode is not addressed, but if you have rank 20 and 0 in FFA its due to finishing in the lower part of the field more often than in the upper part of the field and it is more difficult to figure out your score if it is in the negatives based on wins vs. losses because places 2-12 are considered a loss and only 1st place is a win in FFA mode: as Ricky Bobby says “If you ain’t first, you’re last”):

If this is the case. Then the ranked matches should be non contact so you are not getting the short end of the stick to bad drivers who use you as their brakes or just enjoy wrecking people. This has been my problem in ranked. And have yet to get any ranked points even if I do win, finish, and finish top 3.

There are many of us hoping that they will further improve the online racing. Ghosting the first 26 seconds, and removing freeroam rush from road and street races was a start, but many people would like to see the whole race ghosted, and to be able to choose to only race road and street, as well as a fix for wallriding.

Until that happens, I’ll be sticking to GT Sport, where the racing is much cleaner, even though the penalty system is not without problems. Incidentally, the ranking system in GT Sport is like that in FH4, in that the range is geared towards separating the top players, i.e. it’s highly non-linear. So there are people in GT Sport who can’t really accumulate any ranking points either. The range is 0-75k, but, for example, at 17k points you’re already in the top 6% of players. I think someone in the bottom 50% would be stuck around 0 points, like in FH4. The problem is they don’t explain the systems. GT Sport would be horrible if it weren’t for the fact that there is an unpublished API that allows 3rd party websites to display better information than the game itself does.