Ranked Team Adventure has become a joke.

I have to fully agree with others who have said Ranked TA is a joke.

Turn10 and Microsoft have turned a blind eye to the obvious cheating occurring in Ranked TA and obviously don’t do anything when a person is reported for cheating.

Done a Dirt racing championship and a guy in a Lola was basically lapping everyone. There is no way a Lola is that fast and not only that, the guy wasn’t even a 1 star racer.

I checked his profile and lo and behold he is a PC user and guess what, he hasn’t even completed that much of the game yet he is ranked as a level 4 nearly level 3 in Ranked TA???

Annoyingly because of his blatant cheating (he didn’t even try to hide it) i lose points. Oh and on the matter of points, my team won a championship and i was supposed to get 28 points for the win, it even showed it at the end. When i went into another Ranked TA those points were not added.

So Turn10 and Microsoft, you can take points off me but not damn well give them to me when i earned them???

Seriously, Turn10 and Microsoft better hope no one else is in development or about to release a game similar to Forza because i can forsee a lot of players jumping ship.


known issue: Ranked points are not being saved for some players.
but i would say it’s 99%

more information:
for RTA (ranked team adventure) and RTPG (ranked team playground games) look here:

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i know some players who play with an alternative account to protect their grandmaster account.
i did this also.

you only need to play the intro, play through all 4 seasons up to level 20 and you have a new full legal account. Transfer a little money through car sales to be able to buy cars and you can start playing ranked adventures.

The thing is that he was at least 25 seconds ahead on that particular track which would make him streets ahead of 1st place on Rivals in S1, i should know, i’ve been up there myself and know what times are attainable. This guy was definately using a speed hack.

if you see someone using a speed hack, clip a video and report the player via opening a support ticket incl. the clip.
that’s the only way thats works.

in the time since march 2020, where i have been playing RTA intensively, i have only seen 3 speed hackers 2 of them were from the same team. lol.


When will the team adventures get fixed.
It’s a bunch of “BS” that you have to sit and wait up to 20 minutes to only find out that there aren’t enough players (7/8).
But the previous match that I was put into had (9/12) and 6 were in same club so they played together, not to mention that my other team members left half way thru second match.
I played to the end and lost 347 points, knocking me down 2 ranks when I was 50 points to the next rank before the match.

This really needs to be fixed, make it like drift adventure where after the match is completed you can choose to continue or not.
Or even make it like Horizon 3 where after you complete you can vote on next events.

It’s just hard to want to put time in for nothing. You want our money but if the game isn’t enjoyable people won’t want to play.
We can waste up to an hour if it goes 5 matches for what to now find out we have to play 2 matches just to get back where we were.
Sad, sad day.

you haven’t lost any points and no rank.
As you can read here in the forum: as soon as a player leaves the game at ranked team adventure / games, the points displayed are not counted/saved.

the developers must have built in something so that if someone leaves, these points are not saved. however, the points are saved in the ranking lists.
it would have been easier to just display +0. and no one would complain.

with the series 26 updates, matchmaking has become much faster. the fact that the minimum number of players is reduced to 8 ensures that almost every search is a hit. no more smoking breaks.

i played 3 days straight…10 to 12 hour days…

i wuz 8 and i am still 8

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Your points only count if you use a car that has a Z in its name.


Just finished three ranked races which each one had quitters rendering the points useless.

Here’s a screenshot. Three red team players (all ranked high by the way) quit to save their status. Do we need to start user shaming?

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