Ranked Online amount of races to qualify error

I went to do the usual Online Ranking to qualify to get the % and found that for some reason Team needed 10 races instead of the usual 1 and Games needed 9 instead of 1. Free for all was still 1 event which is good, but I normally complete all 3 modes. I’ve qualified for all 3 modes and was ranked in all 3 last season.

Anyone else had the same?

I have been ranked for all three (not counting Drifting) for two sessions now. Just did the drifting as well last time to earn the achievement.

When looking at it the other day, I needed 1 for Drifting, 1 for Free-For-All, 3 for Team, Racing and 8 for Team Games. So, um, dunno.

No, i’m ranked and didn’t need to do 10 to qualify again. Just the 1 and i’m ranked again.

I did team and free-for-all and each needed just one for me.

This has happened to me with ranked team adventures a few times as well, annoying to say the least.