Ranked league points system

Cant believe nothing has been done to fix the most broken ranked system ever.

It’s such a shame for a game like this, to have a multiplayer that 9/10 people playing this game hate.

After 3 months [Mod Edit - vulgar references are prohibited along with profanity - MM]

Sadly i think that they are not planning to “fix” it since it is most likely intented to be how it is.

Im dissapointed in fh4 because of all this. I only played fh3 before this and had put over 1000 hours in the game. In fh4 though it seems like they either broke or removed almost all the things that i personally loved about the game.
Fh4 rivals and online “races” suck. Not to mention the ranking system which is just a joke. Online racing D,C,B classes are gone aswell. Didn’t even bother to put online racing with randoms in fortune island dlc.

One good thing i have to mention though that you can play the base game for 1 month for $1 using xbox game pass. Which for that price is perfect.

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It might help if you pointed out what specifically is “broken” regarding the points system so that they have an idea what to fix.


Okay, I guess someone hasn’t told you already.

I can win every single event in the series, but if MY TEAM LOSES (which is not even up to me!) I will end up losing points which will ultimately result in me losing my rank.

It is an unfair system for those that want to play solo, and what’s even worse, is that if you play as a team, you get even LESS points for winning.

What a wonderful system.


I think this is the core of the issue everyone has:

  • Nearly all elements of online play are randomized, including team makeup
  • Wins are determined by overall team finish
  • Personal ranking is based on team performance

You have little to no agency over your own ranking. You can finish last in every event and gain rank due to your teammates, or you can win every event and lose rank due to your teammates, and you have zero control over 80%* of factors in your result.

(*Of the 10 factors in an online adventure–surface, class, season, car selection, 5 teammates, and yourself–you have control over 2, or 20% of the total experience.)

Honestly, I think the vast majority of issues could be resolved by simply offering an adventure option that isn’t team-based. Make team adventures easier to join for players in a convoy, so friends can actually race together in ranked events, and that’s 95% of the problem solved.

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Many things have been listed by the community allready.
They know whats wrong…

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Please use existing threads for discussion instead of creating new threads on the same topic.

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Won 40 points in 6 rounds yesterday, lost 160 in the next 6 that I lost. Does that seem fair to anyone?

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It depends how highly you were rated to start with. Over the 12 rounds, your win rate was 50%, so that is an average level of performance, your presence didn’t appear to hurt or benefit the team, based purely on whether your team won or lost. Your team won or lost the same as if it had been determined by a coin toss, on average. So if you started off with a below average rating, that level of performance could be expected to increase your rating. I’d guess you started off with an above average rating, so 12 rounds of average performance dropped you down from that.

Where can I see my “rating”?
And my rival’s rating?
Do you mean the numbers on the background when your teams line up in the starting cut scene?

If you’ve done enough races recently to have a publicly visible rating then it shows the numbers on the start grid. If you haven’t done enough for that, you can still see your rating in the Xbox app if you go into FH4 then Achievements and click on League rating. The game seems to still match you based on your rating even if you haven’t done enough races recently for it to be publicly visible, I’m not sure how often it resets to make you do however many races again to make it visible.

I lost count today how many games I had with -1 or 0 points after winning the game.

Who tested this? And what drugs was he using?

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Mostly a waste of time with every single person being dirty most of the time

Considering they have now admitted they plan to only implement one change in January (Single based) and to stop providing feedback until then - I think that says enough right there

Too little - too late.

yes thats a huge part of what is wrong - but its only 1 fix after this many months of crap. Thankfully Anthem and Divison 2 come out shortly after.