Ranked Issues

please disable RANKED and fix it and then add it back once you actully spent time fixing it

Remove FreeRoam rush
algorithms for ranked needs changes
Fix the server issues where players are given randomly dc & dc ban without dcing

  1. FreeRoam Rush
    there is no skill involed and nobody wants it at all
    and its something thats so triggering it makes people want to brake things irl
    everyone i talked to say this is so bad and it should have never been there

  2. algorithms
    the algorithms does not reward you at all for placeing good
    even if you place 1st or last you win/lose the same amount of points???
    i lost points when my team won and i had good placement in the games?

3 Server issues
currently people are getting random dces not our fault its the game/servers issues and we keep getting banned from ranked when we did nothing wrong at all
even if you played the entire game you can still get leave ban when you never dced or left

the people who play ranked would only want to play asphalt racing only and few might also like rally but no one ever wants offroad / cross country


2 games in a row where i got leave ban when i never left? how long people are getting perm bans from ranked when they never did anything wrong in the first place

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3rd game with ban for leaving when i never left

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100% with everything, I’ve been banned about 15 times since the games release when I never left. Choose the car, it says waiting for other players and says I disconnected and I got banned. It’s really really bad and all of us are super frustrated about this. Hopefully it gets fixed extremely soon.

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I agree. It’s very much frustrating.

I have this screenshot, but i dont know how to share it thru quick reply. Maybe some of the moderators can help. Thank you.


Screenshot is from my Google+