Ranked Adventures Question


i playing ranked adventures since few days… i only get class A, S1 and S2 events… where are the Class D, C and B events? thank you for a answer

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There are none.

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There aren’t any, the developers think S2 supercars are fine in fields so couldn’t be bothered to allow us to race lower classes.


This game is all about driving your koenigsegg cross country and on snowy hills


Yeah, s2 rwd, in the woods, in the dark - (talk about not seeing the forest for the trees). The whole game is a joke - laggy, buggy…just like this site, everything on forza servers is slow…especially the developers and whatever idiot monkeys they have testing the game.


imho, no lower class , hypercars on cross country, all cars in awd, all these is because of one single thing, free roam rush.

I would love to see how many players would prefer to go on custom adv with D,C,B classes and no freeroam/ only 3 races than going to the A/S1/S2

:raising_hand_man:t2: In a heartbeat! #lowerclass


Unfortunately this is one of the many major regressions from FH3. Hopefully lower classes will be added in a future update, I struggle to understand sometimes why it hasn’t been done already as it seems like it would be a relatively straightforward change just to add a few new event types to the adventure rotation.

The kids and the casuals would be pissed of if they where forced to drive slow cars, and if PG would let people choose to drive lower classes only I guess there wouldn’t be enough players to fill the lobbies.

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With all due respect, that’s a load of krap. B’s as well as C’s were often voted into rotation play in FH3. Lower classes didn’t kill lobbies back when FH3 was in prime, full-swing…and they’re not hurting it now there, either. Last I was there, just last week, the first two lobbies I joined were at capacity and already running B Class adventures. The only things that lower class adventures hurt are the egos of players that are too arrogant to be bothered with learning how to tune them.

first, not giving class choice to player means THEY choose what people play .Second is ‘Free roam rush’, not quite compatible with low classes which, up to me, partly explain why we have seasonal championship in B class.

You can play with those car classes in the weekly championships.

This is about ranked adventures, s2 needs to go, ad B in it’s place.