ranked adventures in series 9 got way better, but....

The races are much better and much more fun with the rammer-fix and the wallride-fix. Well done! I realy love the wallride-fix and the rammer-fix!

But I still have an issue with ranked dirt adventures. We still can’t have nice ranked dirt adventures and the reason is many people don’t choose dirt cars, they choose cross country cars because freeroamrush is still part in the ranked dirt adventures. Freeroamrush belong to crosscountry adventures and nothing else, that is my opinion and I think the only possible way to get nice dirt adventures where (nearly) all people choose dirt cars.

My second issue (its not that mayor issue to me like the freeroamrush in the dirt adventures, but I want to mention it) is ranked crosscountry adventure in S1 class, imho thats to fast for crosscountry and its not fun to get owned by the terrain. In A800 its much more fun to do crosscountry races, even freeroam rush is much more fun in A800.

those two issues still prevent me from dooing ranked adventures. Atm I only would do ranked street adventures, but without beeing able to choose which ranked adventure I do, I don’t do it at all.


They’re still going to choose “Crosscountry” vehicles because Forza physics and PI makes cars like the '17 Raptor, old Jeeps and Hummers near God Mode.

Oh please do get over it! You and those like you won’t stop until there’s nothing left but FULLY GHOSTED S2 DRIFT RACES WHICH EVERYONE WINS BECAUSE NOBODY IS BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE, will you?


(sigh)… Ranked is supposed to be a challenge; suck it up.