Ranked adventure rewards

So I’m not a pro at ranked adventure. First time ranked was series 7. Series 8 rolls around, I collect rewards from series 7. Now it’s series 9, but it says I have no rewards to collect. Is this normal? I did my ranked match for series 8 and last I looked I had ranked 19. Already played my match for series 9, ranked 20.

How do the rewards works?

I’d like to know this as well, since I qualified for the first time yesterday.

It was my understanding, you collect rewards after series is over, giving you all series long to rank up.

I do recall when season 8 started, I collected season(series) 7 rewards, no issue. But there were several saying they had no rewards to collect, even though they were ranked. As usual, I don’t believe anyone with an 8ssie of not getting rewards ever reported back saying they actually received them.

They are probably in the same place as the last 3 weeks of Tier rewards


Don’t go there!:wink:

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I haven’t logged in yet this series, so not sure if maybe there is a new bug, but you typically need to go to the Series Reward tile in the lower right of the Online Adventure tab and then hit ‘Y’ to collect your rewards from the previous series (you cannot collect current series rewards until the series is complete and it will always be the rewards from the highest level you reached from that series, not the actual level you were at when it ended). If it says you do not have any rewards it may have already collected (you could check and see if you have a new Mini X-Raid in your garage as that was the Tier 20 vehicle reward, to verify if you received your rewards, or those at Grandmaster can see if they got the Porsche, Tier 5 can check if they have the MC12 FE, Tier 10s can check if they have the Lambo Miura, etc. etc. etc. or you could go to your house and see if you have the corresponding Ranked Adventure Hat for your character).

You may need to restart the game and go back to the Series Reward tile and hit ‘Y’ again to see if that collects your rewards. It is not a very clear and concise process and a lot of people have to reload the game go back to the series reward tile and re-collect the ranked adventure rewards.

Also, keep in mind at the start of a new series sometimes the reward tier is bugged and stays at 20 even though you are higher. You may need to play additional games for the Tier to match the corresponding skill point level so you get the appropriate rewards for the series. The following is what tier you should be at based on skill points (which surprise, surprise is also sometimes bugged in that when you just barely make it over the threshold for the points required for a tier, it sometimes leaves you in the previous tier until you get 30+points past the threshold into the next tier).

Tier 20 = Negative Infiniti to +250 (Yes you can go negative, but it displays 0 which is why people keep complaining they are stuck at Tier 20 score 0, they are actually so far negative because of loses and disconnects that they may never get to the positives and until your point total exceeds 0 it will always show +0 for a win or loss even though it is giving you a positive or negative score, the fact your point total is still less than 0 forces the game to display +0, the same applies to Grandmasters the max points shown will be 5,000 but it actually continues to Infiniti and once you hit 5000 it will always show +0 for a win and can show +0 for a loss as long as the lost points still result in your score being above 5,000 as a Grandmaster).
Tier 19 = 251 - 500
Tier 18 = 501 - 750
Tier 17 = 751 - 1000
Tier 16 = 1001 - 1250
Tier 15 = 1251 - 1500
Tier 14 = 1501 - 1750
Tier 13 = 1751 - 2000
Tier 12 = 2001 - 2250
Tier 11 = 2251 - 2500
Tier 10 = 2501 - 2750
Tier 9 = 2751 - 3000
Tier 8 = 3001 - 3250
Tier 7 = 3251 - 3500
Tier 6 = 3501 - 3750
Tier 5 = 3751 - 4000
Tier 4 = 4001 - 4250
Tier 3 = 4251 - 4500
Tier 2 = 4501 - 4750
Tier 1 = 4751 - 4850 (There is a bug where your tier will display as Grandmaster at this point on the leaderboards, but you are not actually a Grandmaster and won’t receive Grandmaster rewards until you exceed 4850 points)
Grandmaster = 4851 - Infiniti (Once you exceed 5000 the game will no longer display actual points won or lost unless you drop back below 5000. If you are at 4999 and you win a match that would have granted 50 points it will show +1 because the displayed total will be stopped at 5000, but your actual score would have gained the full 50 and you will be at 5049 points and if you lose a match and lose 48 points it will show 5000 +0 for the loss because you are still at a total of 5001 which is above the max display of 5000)

This update has been a nightmare so let’s recap car masterys reset now ranked adventure rewards I was at rank 14 I had 23 rewards to collect once series 8 ended so went on to collect and there was none bloody hell thanks a bunch playground

There’s still 12 days remaining in the current series. When you go to view the rewards page it will show a countdown timer to let you know when you can collect the rewards for the current series.

Coulda swore my timer showed 27 days and change.

Edit, just checked, 27 days, 20 hours. It’s a new series, last series should be ready, I show 0 rewards to collect

last night mine indicated 12 days, just another thing in this game that is screwed up!!

I’ll check later, this account was online during series change. Another account logged in later and in welcome screen collected rewards for the GT

OT, wish there was a way to change difficulty during adventure (in between races. I just got in an s2998 road, winter… And my TC was off, fortunately we won 2 zip.

Got my series 8 rewards but was 3 rewards short was ranked 14 only got to 15 this update has messed the game up.so much for testing the update properly before sending it out for download

After logging back 8n, got my series 8 rewards. So guess it didn’t like me being inline when series changed.

yeah same here tonight. i did get a message about no rewards to claim but i continued on and was able to collect the rewards for up to level 12.

weird getting that no rewards message though!

Never got any of the ranked gifts?
No gifts to claim it says. Is it broke?