Randomly refusing to turn left? PC

Anyone else experiencing this? Using a standard controller on the PC, every so often the car just won’t turn left when pressing left. Not a problem on any other games, so I know it’s not a controller problem.

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Yes, this is 100% an issue on PC. I’m using an Xbox 360 Gamepad, wired. brand new so there is definitely no issues on the hardware end. Has to be an issue with the game.

I am having the same exact problem. I use an Xbox 360 wired controller. I have the Steam PC version of FH5. I tried to submit a ticket for this issue but the response I got was it’s not a game problem with a link to controller troubleshooting. My controller works perfectly in every game I use it, just not FH5. I can repeat the problem anytime I want by pressing the breaks and left turn at the same time really fast. The car will will continue to roll forward in a straight line until I release both inputs and do it again slowly.