Random woman looking for a club

Really enjoying FH4 since I got it like way more than I thought so looking for a club. I’m 36 so wanting mature sort of place, and somewhere I’m not going to get hassle, I just want to play! Been at the driving games since Gran Turismo 1 back in 1990something so I’m a pretty decent driver, been helping ppl on a Discord I am on get seasonal events completed. I drive retro everything, do stupid engine swaps and have five ford fiesta XR2s. You have been warned. Team player, happy to help ppl, up for games and coop and whatever.

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Sent you a DM. I’m in the same situation, either looking for a club or a regular group of people to do seasonals with, etc. It’s OK doing it solo but I’m sure it’d be more fun Co-op.

I’m UK based and normally on most evenings from about 8pm (or whenever the kids give in and go to sleep). Recently got onto Discord but if I can get away with just using my headset it’d be nice to save faffing around. Feel free to add me if you want to try some races together.