Random loss in money

Hi, I have been playing forza horizon 4 for 3 days and when i woke up this morning i logged on, won some races, and before I logged off, I just made it to 700k. I got off to play another game with my friends, never getting off of my xbox, then logged back on and had 200k. I lost 500k in 2 hours without logging on. I contacted customer support in hope to solve the problem and we weren’t able to. I uninstalled and am re-installing but I doubt it will help. If this happened to anyone else and they solved it, please contact me. My case number is 1443624299.

UPDATE: The uninstall and re-install didnt work

Today when I went to the barn page, unfortunately I pressed “X” twice so I didn’t even notice the warning that I would acclaim the car but lost 5 million. This happened lots of time. So I have to give up, I won’t play the game anymore, frustrating. I’m a intuitive kind of person, I do things by predictation. So I really rely on error-tolerant system in any application. But this game is the worst in the field. They definitely didn’t take the human-computer interaction class. They should take any kind of customers in consideration. And really pay attention to the basic HCI element, error-tolerant is one of the most important part.

It is error tolerant. You can spaz out on buttons and expect the game to account for that. Sounds like you want the game to go in to a non stop loop of asking ‘are you sure?’ of which that’d be awesome, said no one ever.

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