Random game crashes when playing with game share!!! (NEEDS FIXED!!)

This Game is continuing to crash. Ive realized that other people are reporting random silent crashes while playing the game on game share. Both sides will randomly crash if playing at the same time. Has been happening since launch… This should have been fixed day 1…

Windows 10 64 bit and xbox one x
GTX 1070 Latest nvidia drivers.
Other info available if needed…

mee to before and after this update im crashing after 15 min

Game Sharing works guys…i can play without crashes since 2 days, using driver 411.63 from Nvidia

What drivers are you using? And your GPU?

16gig RAM, I7 4790, GTX970 with Geforce driver 411.63
running smooth on FHD Ultra 70 FPS without crashes

Me too, after a 900 mb update, still crash lool. I am disappointing, FH3 is better when it launch even with game sharing.

Seems like its work as intended, you cannot play FH4 which license shared simultaneously
heres proof

Boi…did u read my post? I’m using shared account and it works

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there is only yours post on 30 and more about they have crashes when using family sharing, idk may be you are somehow lucky
anyways there is confirmation of what i said by community manager twitter

no pic, hoax.