Random credits gifted.

Anyone know why I’ve just been gifted 3,000,000 credits, and has anyone else got that?

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Nope, but I wouldn’t complain about it! Lol Did you make some correct guess’s on the car pack?

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I certainly ain’t complaining! lol

And as for the guesses, all mine were completely wrong!

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I never have these kind of things happen to me.


I got 3 million too.

Must’ve been from the clue thread; I got two of the seven cars right.

John did say he’d give clues to some correct guesses and some incorrect guesses, so thanks John!

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That must be what it is, many thanks John!

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I got gifted 8M CR early in the game and hadn’t taken part in the clue thread etc so I guess there at other reasons - very hand it was as well let me get a couple of hypercars early on…

I checked, no luck :slightly_frowning_face: