Random 83MB update?

Took a few minutes to load. Do we know what is in the patch?
It’s NOT Rivals.
NOT Leagues
Don’t see any new Hoppers


Just got a prompt to download an 83MB update upon logging onto Forza 6. What’s changed?

FYI: Rivals, Leagues and Hoppers don’t require title updates in order to be implemented; they are added by Turn 10’s content management system remotely from what I gather.

Me to but I can’t find anything

To fix the odd loading screen some where getting, perhaps? Or did that already happen?

Multiplayer update? I noticed right before this update Multiplayer said it was unavailable. I rebooted my Xbone and immediately relaunched Forza and there was the update.

Went right to multiplayer and both Leagues and Multiplayer were available.


Hmm … it seems we have two threads going for the same topic. My guess is that this fixes the errant loading screen some where getting, unless that had already been fixed.

No, not a coincidence. You need to have the game’s latest build in order to access online features.

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I’m hoping the disconnecting is fixed.

All I get now is a spinning waiting to load sign on the opening screen. It won’t load even after cycling power. Is there a way to delete the update?

Saw mentioned in a thread from the support page that it will fix the issue when selecting cars in r class
Probably more to it thatn just that though…hopefully

Anyone know what the 83mb update is for?
And yes,i looked around before posting

Noticed this morning that the Chinese text at intro is now gone.

Didnt see any diff

Don’t know if this is it but after I installed the update I got another ferrari 312 p gifted to me.

Hopefully we’ll get a blog post or something official to reference these changes.

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my game stalls at the loading screen. restarted the xbox. went ofline online. everytime i start it just hangs on the loading screen. can anybody help me solve this problem?

Try property hard resetting your console

what do you meen by this. dont understand.

Edit: i unplugged the power of the xbox. waited for 5 mins and restarted. it works now. dont understand why but im happy.

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Did you unplug the power from the wall until the light on the power supply goes off

Oops misread

Glad it works for you now
It clears something
Have a look at one of Snowowls posts about he describes it more
Its one of the first things to try when there’s an issue with your xbone

Had a problem yesterday where I wasn’t able to select a car in R class. Most likely it’s this.