Ramming scum are even in PVP drag races now

PVP drag race at the Horizon Festival strip. Time to select an A 800 class car, so i get the Lotus Elan out, which weighs practically nothing.

Some other guy in the group decides to pick a Jeep Trailcal, so i should have known what was coming when i saw that damn tank… Starts ramming me towards the wall after 2 seconds.



Your very sad and lonely little lives must really be pathetic if you get so much enjoyment out of that.

Screw this game and all the braindead little trolls that infest it every day just to make others suffer.

Sent the footage of all 3 races to support, so hope you get a nice ban.


Would be a good suggestion to ghost these races.

Even still though what is wrong with people that that should even have to be suggested for driving in a straight line?

But that’s a classic example of the culture the series + this game in particular has created and as good as encouraged.

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We’ll… you won’t have to worry about me. I never see anybody any how.

Happy Drags


I just tried a online race and damn even if you touch the wall lightly it brings you to a stop almost. ridiculous feels like being punished when someone else puts you in the wall. online is STILL broken.

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Ramming scum… yes that is an accurate term.

I just lost a ranked adventure against opposition I was easily faster than, because of rammers. Ambleside Sprint I started at the back. Caught up to the leader and he rammed me out of a checkpoint, finished 5th. Could still win the adventure if I won the final race. Glen Rannoch Hillside Sprint, started at the back AGAIN, person I needed to beat started at the front. Oh thank you game. Caught him up but he was weaving all over the track making it hard to pass, he rammed me into a barrier, the game punished ME and made me slow down, several other cars overtook me, I overtook all of them except the leader and there wasn’t enough time to pass him.

-39 points which means probably around 20 more adventure wins needed to recoup them!

Ramming vermin would be another good and accurate term I feel.


It’s a sad thing to say it is totally FH4 spirit as designed by FH4 team

There could still be an improvement like ghosting cars but it would require a lot, lot, lot of posts or some known influencers to raise the issue

Reporting players was demonstrated not processed.

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Unfortunately this spirit will stay with the new games, cause if this current generation could at least improve itself we couldn’t be there… Now, we’re already into the state of the game being on support for it’s 2nd year, in a content drought where we don’t even know if they’re developping on any expansions or anything that could improve the quality of life on this game(cause Backstage isn’t even worth mentioning as an improvement).

To me, i think it’s the Silver Age of Ramming since that if they’re so present, i think they’re going to be worse than the Golden Age(the year where the game was released), and if reporting doesn’t work, this means there’s no point in doing PVP instead of being frustrated by the everlasting ramming, including the toxicity of they’re target audience(i’ve seen one of them for being so angry with me that he began insulting me after i’ve pointed out that he was ramming until i stopped responding and reported him in the progress).

Insults is worth reporting directly on Xbox. Not being FH, it has more chances to be processed.

Concerning ramming, other than avoiding online, the best is to join a club, preferably a team so that you can join them to play. There is very much less ramming when most of racers know you. Out of that ranked is the place with both the best racers and the best rammers, non ranked is the place where, if you are good enough to escape before the end of the first 26 sec, you have a chance racing with racers.

Concerning what’s next, there is what we know

  • Priority are FM and Fable,
  • FH will get a XSX version ( which all people not changing to next gen or have a high end PC absoluetly don’t care, to be polite )
  • They never spelled any word on next FH, not a single.
  • Updates are more & more only maintenance
    And there is what each of us can conclude out of that. My opinion is that it FH4 is the last of the FH, next gamepass leaders will be FM and Fable. For now, they do their maximum to keep kids in the place using FH with the hope those will switch to Fable when released and they keep FH somehow up expecting racers will switch to next FM. I don’t like it but, for me, it is a consistent strategy.

About “avoiding online” Actually, i don’t avoid online at all, i’m in Horizon life all of the time (maxing out cars and tuning them to see what potential they can have by cruising, even drag racing with some players at the highway (unfortunately i’m avoiding players with the 599 Evo since that they don’t need anything to surpass every cars based by it’s stats in fine tuning) i just avoid Team adventures etc… since that i don’t see any point to it (since that i have basically every cars except some seasonals and some that cost 5M+, and i’m not a PvP player in general.)

Regarding that strategy, to my view of it, they are keeping the new playerbase at the cost of losing the Veteran playerbase, which could be “doing a cycle of life” on this game, to be more accurate, it’s actually let the current veteran playerbase go out just to renew it with some newbies that are learning through our paths just to become one of us while we are playing some other games since we gave up playing the game…

well of course we will come back, even though it’s brief, but we’ll come back just to see how it’s going, or that there’s anything new that got our attention etc…

If Forza Horizon 4 will be (presumably) the last game, this means it will be a franchise has been completed and will be remastered once Xbox thinks it’s a good idea to release it again with all of they’re DLCs on the next consoles.

In actual, everything has been used and now it’s time for us to go on something else that is new to us.