Ramming From Behind in Unranked?

How is this possible?

Just had some guy in a “Mario Mini” ramming me from behind whenever I got in front of him.

Thought this behaviour was stopped a while back?

If this is the case, may as well bring back proper ramming and wall-riding and let the moaners depart FH4 and go to and play a proper racing simulation like FM7.

At least I could ram him back then!

skip to 3:45

was he doing it on purpose or you were blocking him? did you give him enough space?

Well, unless I was using “The Force” to block him, which I wasn’t (I didn’t check my six throughout the race) and he had plenty of room to overtake at times.

Well, I managed to complete the bane of my life, which is the the “Adventure Superstar Star Card”! It’s been a PIMA since the “Star Card” feature began!

But only thanks to PG jigging the ranking system!

Thanks for that PG!

Update 11 was good step and now we are going down bit by bit going straight back to mariokart style.