how do you get around them other than quitting the lobby and joining another lobby then come to know that there is just another rammer in the next? i hope they give us the option in the future to go ghost

Online adventure, custom, no collisions racing.


why can’t they give us no colision public lobbys?

They are public


i ment to say public freeroam lobbys sorry

Are you complaining about rammers in freeroam or in the events setup from freeroam? If the latter try to host events because i think.no collisions is an option.


they’re so annoying…

If you want to not gamble whatsoever over racing with rammers, race non-contact, which is totally a feature now.

I haven’t experienced rammers in much other than Playground Games (thank god), noticing an incline in etiquette from FM6 which is great. Apparently rammers are getting the hammer according to some of the ban threads we have seen, so there is that too.

Really? That is absurd reason to ban someone.

In FM6 where it’s supposed to be a Motorsport game, a race around the track to have a player deliberately ram you off the road while they are in last p12 and you are in first place lapping them and then for same user to do it to 2 others and the next 3 games.

No it’s not an absurd reason at all to give that person a timeout and the other players the ability to race around the track unaccosted as the devs intitially intended.


No it’s not. If you’re going out of your way to slam someone into a barrier just to pass them, nudging them so they miss checkpoints, and/or ploughing into people at every corner, then you should be banned. People like that are the ones that ruin it for everyone else, give online racing a bad name, even putting people off trying it. So if you get banned for ramming, then good, we don’t want your kind playing online racing.


I have only seen it in the FM games, not the FH games.

Having said that i see no reason why ramming should happen in any racing game.

I have a habit of reading the ban threads for a good chuckle. I’ve seen two of them where the generic response was that they were doing the evil, regrettable task that is griefing on the road. Then I was happy, because the rules haven’t changed for the new Horizon.

A week long ban seems to be the thing, but I’m no Forza official, so don’t take that as solid gold.

Report and Block. I do it for every intentional rammer. With any luck they will get banned for multiple lifetimes.

i have a good question if you report them what do you classify it under? unsupporrting or what?

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I use “unsporting behavior” I also block so I hopefully never play with them again.

I include the comment “Intentional ramming and crashing other players in Horizon 3”

Corner pileups are gonna happen and I would never report for that. It is the guy purposefully trying to run you off the road into a tree or out of a checkpoint that I will report every single time.

I can understand banning in FM games (although I find it too harsh, because it is something that game allows you to do and the grey area between intentional and unintentional is quite big, maybe do some kind rammers race only… like in some games, where cheaters are put to play with each other), but in FH it would be madness with current game state and how raw power overwhelms grippy cars and good driving skills (half the people would be banned).

What I usually do to manage this kind of people, is that I avoid one vs one situations, if I have a feeling of bad intentions, even loose some positions and I try to compensate that with my clean driving skills that will give me some extra XP (compared to the rammer). Finishing in positions 4-7 (before XP is taken into account) in every event and still winning a whole thing, that consists of 4 races, is quite common thing.

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Pretty sure there has to be a pattern and it be clear cut. And almost all furst time bans are temp. One week I believe.

This isn’t bumping or mistakes - it’s replays that show it and multiple.

In motorsports you usually don’t squirm around, block, pit maneuver or plow into someone going into 2nd gear turn in 5th gear aiming for collision and never coming off accelerator.

That person could use a one week break from the game. I’m all for it.

We all make mistakes, we rub a bit and sometimes mistakes are more then that. But we give position back, we say/message sorry etc. in horizon I’m a lot more forgiving especially cross country. I’ve not seen a ban for Horizon ramming yet. But. If someone is deliberately grieving some one else (say over and over) it’s deserved.

I typically just block the player so I don’t have to see them again.
I doubt the op or others are talking about contact for sake of contact. There are groups that get off on just ruining others games. These persons deserve it

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The “fastest” builds in FH3 would be classified as cruise missiles in other games. So people put 1000 HP in their cars in every class and skip the handling upgrades. You have to keep this in mind when racing online as well. Sometimes it looks intentional but the builds that win races don’t handle well. Obviously you can tell if someone is trying to ram you on purpose but sometimes even good racers will fall victim to the torpedo effect.

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