RAMMERS - In Race penalty idea

The other problem is FH isn’t FM. Meaning FM is designed for clean racing, FH is not. That’s not to say dirty driving is acceptable in FH but it’s like having a wild animal as a pet. You’re just asking for trouble.


One thing ive noticed happen a few times recently is drivers ghosting through me on straights in meta cars (nsxr gt is one i remember) . Obviously they are going much faster than me to do it,but they have obviously learnt to cheat the system,in that they could just go past me rather than through me,but maybe chose to trigger ghosting cos it means the person they are overtaking cant block or nudge them ?


The only real way to fix ramming in this game is to give our avatars guns.

If you are using the NSX (and can drive it) you will generally have a massive pace advantage over most AWD cars on any straight. If so, whether you drive through them or to the side of them makes no difference as you will ghost through any ramming attempt anyway.

I remember on the FM6 Lamborghini race League, guys kept shouting “Xbox record that!” when they got rammed.

Not sure if they ever got satisfaction, because I think to submit for review, you actually had to record the race using the option at the end.

Since FH4 I actually set a button just for “dashcam”
In case of some rammer/dirty player falsely accuse me. (Which is happen very often)
Or maybe lag/bug so I have a video to proof. (In FH4 there is a bug cause other players being invisible in a online race but in their view my car ram them)

but after few years it take up lots of space it is hard to manage…

I don’t think submit rammer video to admin would do anything.
I also think “ramming” should be fix by game design/system. Instead of “punish this and that” I would like to see something prevent that in the frist place. Or make it not effective.