Rammer Shame Area

Dear fellow community players.

I think its time we create a sticky thread where we shame all the Rammers in the game.

If you got a video of someone ramming you or ramming someone else off the road, or even pushing someone out of the checkpoints.
Then that video should be posted and the Rammer’s gamer tag posted as well so we can remember and take note of them for future references.

Since Turn10 doesn’t want to deal with rammers then perhaps we as a community should start.
By publicly shamming those who ram others purposely in Ranked Modes.


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Here…let me go put on my big-boy Turn10 work pants.

Ehh hem…“Naming and shaming is NOT allowed.”*
Phew, tough work being a part-time moderator.
But in all honesty, rammes are an issue the need to be stopped…
…But without public shame!:+1:
Now if Turn10 and Playground only gave me the ability to block post…


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