Rally tires

Community asked for more tire compounds, and PGG gave us more… but now all I see is all cars with offroad tires even for rally circuits. Whats the point? XD I know that is simple, they give better performance, ok, but then¿? whats good about rally tires?

Rally tires are the new meta for road races with lower PI to stack more power, just like offroad is the meta for rally with lower PI to stack more power. There are even worse cases of drag tires for rally with even more power just for slamming into walls and AI.

The AI has made casual racing unfun for many, so generally if I don’t have the skill to use appropriate tires and stay on the track while keeping up with the AI, I may as well lack the skill and not stay on the track but have the acceleration to come back from those mistakes and wall ride and ram my way to the lead.

Off-road being used for dirt circuits makes sense as you get more grip and as you said, allows you stack the engine upgrades.

Rally tires are the middle ground for both on road and off-road racing for the mixed surface races but it’s only really useful in the dirt Goliath (I’ve forgotten its name).

As for ramming the ai, it is a legitimate strategy!


I actually agree. There’s no judgement from me on this. Everyone should be able to do whatever they can to beat the AI. It’s an arcade racing game, there’s 2 things that’s fun, going fast and winning.

And pushing the AI down the side of a volcano of course :joy:


Even in Forza Motorsport 5 and up I started going for more power over better tires (especially A class or lower). Of course, I generally keep it on the track. I always hear about the benefits of wall riding, but it never works out for me. Even touching a wall with a rear corner seems prone to causing a significant loss of speed, never mind going full into it and coming to a complete stop or randomly sticking to it and getting spun.

Based on our testing, along with being a decent half step between sports and semi-slicks on road, rally tires gain relative performance to PI cost vs offroads during the drier seasons, the dry season particularly. In the wet seasons the rally tires get mucked up and significantly lower performance, particularly in courses in the rainforest and swamp biomes.

There is still overall class to consider, so sometimes, especially when tuning for the lower classes, offroads are better straight up regardless of season, but they start to regain value in the higher classes.

Another thing to note is that rally tires also start out at a much higher pressure than offroads do. Letting more air out of the tires will see small but significant gains for rallys compared to offroads.

Rallys are the do everything tire. They don’t have much weakness, but struggle to show their strengths vs other compounds outside of a specific pi range, which can vary wildly from car to car. For some cars it’s B class. For others it’s S1. You always have to consider PI cost to performance gain, which again can vary wildly from car to car.

Thanks for all the replies XD. As for the AI, yes… while they stay with those cheats, I dont care… I will push them

Sorry if this is a dense question, but:

Offroad = Offroad
Rally = Offroad Race


Tyres are labelled differently in the load/save tune screen vs the tyre upgrades menu.

Offroad are for best off road, not so great on tarmac (roads). They are best for races that are much more off road than on road and the best tire offroad. Doing a high PI cross country build? You want these.

Rally Tires are best for mixed surface racing. They’re not as good as off road tires offroad but much better onroad than them and they’re much better off road than any of the road tires. They’re good for rally where you’re generally driving both on roads and dirt. I don’t recommend them for cross country.

Offroad tires have lower PI cost which makes them more attractive for rally driving than rally tires as the lower PI let’s you get more HP.

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I use it in that way → rally = rally, offroad race = offroad. Also looking at the posts above, it looks like everyone used that terminology.
Maybe it has something to do with different languages. I’ve snow, rally and offroad race tires in upgrade menu, but I have seen people use names the other way around.

It’s the other way round,

Offroad = Rally
Offroad Race = Offroad

While this is a good reply, it doesn’t answer the question of what’s labelled as what in the Get/Load Tunes menu.

Thanks; would have been nice if naming was consistent everywhere :sweat_smile:

Offroad tires are OP and the obvious way to go. They lower PI, are glued to pavement at low tire pressure, excel on dirt, and make rally tires pointless.

Sometime soon, I expect offroad tires to get nerfed.

I’m not sure they will.

PI changes post-launch are very rare in Forza history, as they change/break every single tuning setup and leaderboard entry with which said upgrades were used.

Normally a Leaderboard Wipe would accommodate this but they’ve typically only happened in the 2-3 weeks post-launch when a big flaw in the system is spotted (normally to do with gearboxes).

With Forza Horizon 5 being even less competitive than previous titles due to the non-inclusion of Ranked Multiplayer, I feel there’s even less incentive to PI-balance everything than there was before, and as such don’t expect any such changes in the future.

Offroad tyres isnt really that good in asphalt. They have similar grip to street tyres on asphalt.

Simply not correct. It’s all about tire pressure and tuning, I ran offroad tires on a well-tuned A800 vehicle last night for several different asphalt rivals races. I easily got top 1% in every race. If offroad tires weren’t good on asphalt, there’s no way I’d be getting those rivals race times against millions of other players.

Reaching top %1 in rivals doesnt prove anything. You can be in top %1 even in a non meta car. Offroad tyres has very similar grip to street tyres yet costs more then street tyres. Its advantage is it has way better grip in offroad.

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If you want to dominate, run Bone Shaker at A800 with offroad tires and a good tune. Blows away almost everything else.

Just as a heads up for everyone, cars equipped or tuned with racing slicks change the icon on your garage tab to 'Off-Road" tires also.