Racing your own ghost

I remember back in FM3 or FM4, if you did Test Drive (or maybe Time Trials) you could turn on a recorded ghost of yourself and race against it. When you finished a lap ahead of the ghost, it replaced the ghost with the recording of the lap you just completed. It did this as soon as you crossed the finish line, so you could continually race your own ghost over and over and over again.

I understand that in Rivals you can set your Rival to your own Drivatar and race that, but when I defeat my Drivatar (or any Rival for that matter) the ghost disappears. I can still run the course and compete against new and better drivatars, but there’s no ghost present.

Is there something I am doing wrong? Why is the ghost only present until you defeat the Rival? It seems really silly that I would have to exit and restart the course every time I want to load a new ghost.

Honestly I just miss whatever mode that was in the old FMs. I could just keeping racing a faster and faster version of myself. It was the best way to improve my lap times because the ghost gave me the motivation to keep trying harder.

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It’s because once you beat that rival, it automatically switches you over to a higher rival, so you can keep climbing the ladder.
There are two problems with that system.

  1. It doesn’t give you a choice to just keep chasing your own rival. You have to back out and reset everything.

  2. When it starts switching you over to higher up rivals, there’s no ghost for subsequent rivals, so you have no idea where you’re losing or gaining time.

Both of these things i’m sure could be fixed. The first with a menu toggle for chasing your own ghost. The second would require more work as it would require fixing the ghost issue. But neither is outside the realms of possibility.

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Not quite true on number 2. You should get the sector times that if they are green you are faster than your fastest lap and if they go red you are slower. I don’t think they actually show or compare the sector times. They just show you when you reach that point are you faster or slower than your fastest lap. If you are faster than your fastest posted lap you will probably beat your rival then on to the next one. It would be nice if they did automatically give you the new rivals ghost without having to reload though.

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I meant in individual corners etc. The clock sectors usually cover more than one turn.

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This was in f2 also, I was beginning to think I imagined it as it’s not been mentioned before. It really spoils the flow in rivals when you have to keep restarting. I used to better my lap times much quicker the old way. The graphics are better, handling better , more tracks, more cars but everything else is worse after 10 more years development. Why,why,why!!!

I think it’s a glitch. It tells you the next rival but doesn’t seem to have enough time to load the ghost. I noticed even starting a new rival if you start it to quickly it doesn’t load the ghost.

I would pay $50 right now for this features if was in tuning and rivals. It’s drives me nuts and is the reason I don’t you tune or test drive.

I was big into ATV offroad fury 3 12 yeas ago for PS2. You could save any ghost you wanted, best in session ghost and a downloaded ghost.
fast forward 12 years this game can’t touch atv fury on features.

I remember years ago in either GT1 or GT2 (I haven’t played a gran turismo since 2) I could save a ghost and load and race that ghost whenever I wanted. I’d kill to have such a feature in forza.

To the OP; yes for some reason once you run a better time than the ghost you were racing, the ghost doesn’t just update with the ghost of the new better lap like it did in forza 4. It’s just horrible. It is a terrible design decision and shows T10 have no understanding of the competitive side of the game. They have set it up this way so you always have to select a RIVAL so you’re playing RIVALS their cool new RIVALS mode. Nobody cares T10.

One of my favorite features was enabling your own ghost while racing other people’s ghost at the same time. I’m still unsure whey they remove it…