Racing with controller

Ive been racing with a wheel in games since as far back as I can remember… I have a tx now and love it so dont get me wrong on this thread.

I just want to be able to use the controller too.Sometimes I dont want to pull out the wheel and set up etc and just do a quick race on controller.

Problem is I absolutely suck on it.I mean im horrible.Last place everytime.My biggest problem is I cant seem to brake and corner at same time.It seems my fingers will only let me either brake OR turn and not both at same time…

Any body else successfully able to master a controller after wheeling for many years?Seems pretty hopeless to me at this point.Then again maybe its just gonna take many hours of practice which I dont have.

Whats the best controller layout to use or the most common one to use ?
I want to use manual with clutch.
Also should I use any assists to help?traction control or abs?

I even search youtube to look at hands on controller while racing in forza but couldnt find any,lol…

Practice, I use the wheel on my PC and the controller for the X1. Takes some time to get used to switching back and forth but once you get the feel it will feel like second nature. Still fast with both anyways, with the controller the car likes to turn in under braking to help get around the corners. If playing with all assists off its all about throttle control with the triggers. Again lots of practice.


I’ve never used an “affordable” console wheel I liked (Thrustmaster et al is just a little outside my price range for peripherals), so I’ve been using a controller since Gran Turismo 1.

I could probably drive a real car in live traffic with an Xbox controller without getting any tickets at this point, lol.

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Brakes and Throttle on controller is very touchy, even after dead zone adjustments. Only about 50% trigger travel is useful but given that the entire trigger travel is about half inch, the useful travel is about 1/4" . . . Be very gentle with the brake/throttle triggers.

Once I get my hands on the Elite controller, I plan to make some corrections in the trigger sensitivity.

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I used to use a wheel for FM4 on the 360 but since going to the XBONE I have had to make the painful transition to a controller. I just don’t have the cash for a new wheel. It is just not natural or intuitive to control race car with a little joystick. This time around it does seem to be easier though. FM5 cars seemed a lot looser and now with FM6 the cars seem to have more grip. The throttle and especially the brake were very hard to get the hang of. All I can say is practice practice practice. You might want to run rivals to get used to it before trying any races.

Are the added triggers on the elite controller analog? If they are I was thinking, if I could ever get one, is to use the right pointer as gas and the added right trigger as brake and kept the shifting as xb/Xa
To keep the braking and accelerate hand separate from my steering hand.

Super GT is godlike with a controller.

Forza 6 Manual With Clutch Tutorial (Best Way)

The most common controller layout is as follows:

Default settings plus swap ebrake and clutch, 0/100 deadzone settings.

This results in clutch on A and ebrake on LB.

To change gears press A + X or B at the same time.

Others have used other methods to get good results but I believe this is the most common.

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That’s the setup I’ve been using for years on Forza as well, with the addition of Rear View mapped to Y (sometimes it’s quicker to look back directly than use the right stick).

Forza’s one of those games where the top controller players are just as fast as the top wheel players. I can set multiple Top 100s with a pad and know of other players that have set #1s.

I have found with Forza Motorsport 6 however that the brakes are more sensitive than before, to the point where I rarely tune my brake pressure above 100%. Throttle response is fine, steering is fine for the most part, gear shifting is perfect.

The setup I use is:

Right Joystick Up = Clutch
Right Joystick Down = E-Brake
RB = Shift Up
LB = Shift Down

Brake and gas are LT/RT, with 0/100 deadline on everything

Thanks,great info…

I was just racing and tell me what im doing wrong… Im coming up to a hard turn and I apply brake and want /need to continue braking through apex of turn but if I keep braking its like the car refuses to turn… It will just completely understeer… All my cars are tuned and most worked great with wheel…

Do you have to do all your braking in the straights when on a controller?
Im prolly just doing something wrong but cant figure it out…

From what I’ve noticed with this game, is that when using a controller, you really need to focus on the hard straight line brake before entering the turn, at which point you want to not even really use the brake at all but control the car with the throttle.

When Forza 6 first came out I was forced to teach myself the ways of the controller, coming from the G27 on my ps3 before, so it was hard. I now successfully place first in Rival races with the controller, and have most of the lobby filled with people on wheels.

Also, fiddle with the brake balance. I know it seems crazy, but I have a lot of cars set to 41-39% rear because the estimated braking distances drop dramatically. This in turn will allow you to turn in easier, in the event that you still have the brakes applied when beginning the turn. Sometimes it likes to kick out a bit, but careful control of a car can fix this.

Higher horsepower cars i only change a few % to not make the car act crazy.

Are you using any assists at all?

Sounds like you may be braking a little too hard or a little too late or both.

Do you need to brake before turning? Some will say yes but it is possible to brake and turn at the same time.

You could try changing the brake balance towards the rear.

Thanks for the pointers…I just finished 1.5 hrs racing online… Did A,B,D classes and one S league race… Getting better…Working on the braking… Ive been tweaking the percentages in the options for decel.Cant figure out what I like best but I do know it doesnt take much to lock up brakes,litterally the difference of 1/8 inch on trigger…I had to go to auto shift for now till I get better control then Ill go back to manual… But Ive managed to get a couple top 5s and the rest mid pack and more importantly didnt cause any mayhem… Cant say that for everyone I raced but thats par for the course…

I did notice that getting hit by another car when using a controller is totally different the way the car reacts… When Im on a wheel the slightest tap from another car will send me into a endless spin but getting hit when using the controller sometimes I dont even move a bit or im able to save it… Much much different,so much so Im having a hard time understanding why…Physics shouldnt be different right? But they are without a dought…

im pretty fast with a pad. got some top 10 times with it.

i use

140% brake

A = clutch
B = upshift
X = downshift

the main problem with the pad is the ability to keep a smooth line or correct a tank slapper. to get round this i tune my cars so they are less twitchy. also on high powered cars i run the diff very low. this way i can still be aggressive on the exit of a corner.

im not sure about a pad being better for being hit. i get sent into a 720 nearly everytime im touched. lol


Yeah you can still spin around on controller but on wheel im telling you its way worse… First thing I noticed.I mean the slightest touch on wheel will send you in a uncontrollable spin.If you hit any grass on a wheel you gotta be ready for a violent spin…Controller not like that…

Which is better tho control or wheel my missies said she’ll get me one for Xmas but I’ll only be using it for fm6 so very pricey if it’s pants

This sorta happened to me but unfortunately I had to spend my own money lol.

There was a big sale here in Australia and two major electronics retailers heavily discounted the G920 and I got encouraged / approval to buy one.

My gf has seen me driving in Horizon, Horizon 2, FM4, FM5 and then FM6 with a controller and when she saw the G920 on discount she finally piped up and said she didn’t understand how I could be doing so much driving with a controller.

But initially I was concerned. I’ve been a controller driver in these games since Gran Turismo was new. After over a month of adjusting to it and getting my settings right for me, I love it now and I think my gf regrets it ha-ha.

I had to also get a wheel stand so that annoyed her a bit as I couldn’t find one on discount. And now I end up spending too much time on the wheel.

I’m now probably around my level of skill with the controller, in some cases faster, in some cases slower, but the immersion level is superb, just expect some adjustment time and also a good amount of time getting your settings right.

Outside of the top skill levels is there an advantage to using the clutch with a controller? I’ve experimented a few times (after assigning it to the A button, far too uncomfy for me to be pressing both a trigger and a bumper simultaneously) but not found any real difference as yet.

I did a test back in Forza Motorsport 4, and Manual/Clutch was 1 tenth faster per upshift. This was at B/500 with a stock build. In a racing car the difference was barely noticeable.