Racing Wheel, Pedals, and Shifter, and maybe a hand E-Brake

I’ve been considering get a racing wheel. For PC and the XBox One. But there is so many to pick from and no way to test them out. Any suggestion?

Note: I’m sure this has been a topic before, but I can’t find it.

Have a look in the Forza 7 forum and also hardware

Where is hardware?

Sellect the All Forums tab scroll to the vary bottom and 3rd from bottom is Xbox and General and the Hardware section should be in in there

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Where is the harware section? Also can not find anything in Forza 7. It should be a topic of its own.

I can’t find anything any where. This is the third time I’ve tried to post here and it won’t let me.

OK getting a whell is a fairly hefty investment I have A Thrustmaster TMX Pro that cost $300 US that suits me as can be used for Xbox and PC, all it comes down to your budge and how much you have There are several topics abot wheels in the forums but can be hard to find Try searching FFB that may help But best place is not on the forum but the Actual web and Review sites.

With Wheels you get what you pay for more money better internals and better FFB With the shifter you can not go wrong with the Thrustmaster as it only has 1 moving part with Magnetic switching gear nothing to wear out. and should last for a long time.

Your opinion is good enough for me.
Thrustmaster it is.

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I also use the Thrustmaster TMX Pro / pedals / shifter and custom DIY handbrake. I will eventually move up to the TX so I can change the rim but the TMX did me very good.

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Budget but popular wheels, Logitech G920 I believe is the model that is both PC and XBoxOne compatible…if you want an H pattern shifter you have to order it seperately. I have a G25 and a G920 currently.

Thrustmaster series a little bit more but quality goes up.

Near the top end of non direct drive is fanatec. about $600-$1500 depending on how high end you want to go and what accessories you want.

I just bought the whole kit from fanatec plus the handbrake…its amazing.

Now prepping for this to replace my playseat evolution: