Racing View?

What view do you all use for racing?

I find the cars difficult to predict and drive from in the cockpit so I stick exclusively to the 2nd chase-cam, but perhaps I am missing a trick…

Is it worthwhile learning one of the other views or are they just cosmetic / for purists?

Controls feel tighter in cockpit / driver view so I use those.

I prefer first person when racing but third person in Playground Games.

First Person for racing when I use a wheel - usually the bonnet cam rather than one of the cockpit views. Chase far for Drift and PG games when I tend to use a controller but I tone down the camera movement of the drift cam .

I used to use Driver but changed to 2nd Chase Cam, because of drifting. Once I did a lot of drifting I couldn’t go back to Driver view.

Chase close…I need to see how the tail end of the car is sliding out, then corrections can be made to straighten up

I use a wheel, so when I drive first person (bonnet) view, the steering seems to be very responsive; I can put the vehicle exactly where I want it in first person view. I drive this way exclusively in Forza Motorsports.

However, with that said, in Horizon I almost always drive in 3rd person Chase Cam (Far). This is because of the constant elevation changes in the terrain. I always seem to misjudge the next turn after coming over a hill in first person.

But, back to your original question “Is it worthwhile learning one of the other views”, it is helpful being able to navigate properly in the event you accidentally switch camera views during a race. Other than that… probably not.

Hood view.

For completing challenges (aka: not casually goofing off in the game) the bonnet/hood cam works the best (imho)…different views will work better/worse depending on how close you are to your actual display (aka: 8 feet away on the couch versus 2 feet from a monitor/tv).

I use the Chase Cam “Close” because when I used the “Far” chase cam I was always late with turn in or always second guessing when to turn in and then ended up being late again.

Plus the chase camera allows you to race “side by side” with other players giving you both room.