Racing suits, one rare id like to unlock but it hasnt for me

Collecting the racing suits,

How do I unlock the played FM2 one? I’ve done all the achievements etc years ago but hasnt given it to me

Proud forza player much lol

I have it. It’s unlocked through forza rewards. I’m tier 10 like you. I don’t know how to unlock the fm1 one.

That is a Tier 11 reward.

Good to know. I’ll prob get there soon.

When did you hit tier 10 if after you started Forza 7 you can not get it.

Yeah I got all the others except #2 Gutted az tbh

Im tier 7 and unlocked a few.

Can the rest be unlockedc as I rise through the hub tiers or is it too late if you arent tier 11 when first play?

So it’s those Driver Gear it’s for the Tiers on the Forza Hub. I believe that was because you play the games.

So i need to get my level up.

If it works that way, historically loyalty rewards, like these suits, were only given out when you first started and not once you reached that level.