Racing Mania League! Come Join Now!


We at Racing Mania are looking for competitive and respectable drivers to compete in the Racing Mania World Sports Cars, Indy Car World Series, and the Indy Lights Series.
We race every Sunday (ILS), Wednesday (ICWS), and Friday (WSCS) at 8:30 pm est.
if you would like further information and or would like to join please contact Kent or myself at:
KENTMUELLER1 or ToxicKilla7512!


This is Kent Mueller, co-owner of Racing Mania along with Aaron Spear who posted above. For more information on our leagues go to

Other administrators include:

Ryan Spear- RMSpear2698
Dan Kincaid- dakinca91
John Linskey- Blitzkey


Round/ Location/ Distance
1&2/ Sebring/ 2x 20 laps
3&4/ Road Atlanta/ 1st 10 laps. 2nd race 30 laps
5/ Long Beach/ 35 laps
6/ IMS GP/ 35 laps
7/ IMS Oval/ 40 laps
8/ Nurburgring/ 30 laps
9/ Silverstone/ 35 laps
10/ IMS GP/ 35 laps
11/ IMS Oval/ 40 laps
12&13/ Road America/ 2x 20 laps
14/ Catalunya/ 35 laps
15/ IMS Oval/ 40 laps
16/ Long Beach/ 35 laps
17/ Laguna Seca/ 35 laps
18&19/ IMS GP 24 laps & IMS Oval 48 laps

Just a reminder, our Indy Lights season gets underway THIS SUNDAY @ Sebring International Raceway. Qualifying starts @ 8PM ET.

Tonight’s the first race in the IndyCar World Series, a two 20 lap doubleheader at the famed Sebring International Raceway. Qualifying starts @ 8:30pm EST.

If interested please contact myself or ToxicKilla7512

2 guys from Norway looking to race with others :wink:

Gamertags: Meta11ica41ife - Gopro92

Both Tier 6 drivers.

Please reply og add.

Please look for a friend add/message from ToxicKilla7512

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thats you my man!

Indy Lights race tonight @ 8:30PM EST at Road Atlanta. Doubleheader- 15 laps. Want to run?

Send me a message on XBOX: KENTMUELLER1

Also IndyCar World Series will have an open test at 7:45 PM EST in prep for Wednesday night’s activities at Road Atlanta.

Hope to see some new but CLEAN faces there!

Road Atlanta tommorow night for the Indycar’s. Should be a lot of fun, if any clean competitive drivers wanna race.

race tonight at Long Beach 8:30pm est qualifying followed by race.

Quali tonight at 8:30pm est followed by race. on the Indy GP circuit.
Indycar open specs, open tunes and setups allowed.
Its a lot of fun, if anyone is looking to race a competitive, fun, and clean group of Indycar fans.
Still open space in the championship for new members to join.

INDY OVAL tonight

Come join in, if your competitive. MUST be clean on the oval.
As a heads up, average times are about 38.7 for the field.
If sounds fun… Quali at 8:30pm/ est. followed by race tonight.

Our sportscar division starts Friday night 8:30pmET at Sebring International Full Circuit. For more details please visit our website

Very interested in joining other clean racers for league type comp.

IGN: CheebyWibbitz

Send a message to Kentmueller1 on xbl. He admins the league, were always looking to add clean racers.