Racing License - Can PG make a racing league for cars that peak near a class band midpoint?

A Racing License, in Forza Horizon, could be the thing that allows more complex homologation requirements than just “PI” and /or Car Type.

Creator (and PG) would create / use predefined Racing Licenses that would create a well defined set of meta requirements that could be applied to racing series in a repeatable way.

For example, a “Group B” racing licence would define that engine displacement can range from 2000cc to 4000cc for NA or 1428 to 2857cc for T, with a min weight limit of 820kg as well as specific wheel width limits and other car type requirements. In terms of game balance it might additionally be desired to set the PI for a License to 750 or some number midway in a PI class, because this gives an opportunity to use in races a number of cars that are otherwise entirely un utilised.

As this needs to be a discussion:
This really revolves around the problem of the many cars in my garage that have peak performance nowhere near PI 700, 800, 900 or 998. These class breakpoints actually seem somewhat arbitrary, and a general way for creators and PG to create race series that have a theme of some kind would be a lot more interesting than the current very limited system that only lets you pick PI and one other filter at a time.


I like the idea.

In your intention this would be a single (like rivals) or multiplayer event? If multiplayer, would there be a leaderboard or would it be added to ranked adventure? This would be set by players or by PG?
1.It would work like rivals with special restrictions and time limited event
2.It would be added to ranked adventure for one week?
3.Special event, something like Trial but without drivatars, with countdown, new session every 10-20min(?)
4.One hour evemt. Every hour new event. Lets say at e.g. 4:00PM new “recipe” for event shows up. Then you have 30minutes to find and tune a car. Race starts at 4:30PM. 5:00PM next event.
What was your idea?

I like number 4 held by PG with “lottery machine” which would draw restrictions :slight_smile:

I would also like to add, that for me it should be 30% street, 30% road, 30% dirt, 10% CC for lottery machine.

PS. Did I kill another topic?

Ever hear of ‘keep it simple’? :stuck_out_tongue:

Complicated stuff will not appeal to 99.99% of players.

My intention was that, when creating any kid of event at all, rather than assigning a PI or simple restriction, one of these would be applied instead.
For ease of use, in all cases it would be possible to create one on the fly using the traditional Event U that starts with “Current Car” and lists known variants.

So, in a hypothetical, some YouGram personality with a following wants to do a racing series mirroring a RL racing league.

They would start by authoring a license and stipulating in it: PI range 650-750, car types retro and classic rally. FWD only. Engine displacement 2.5 to 3l, or 1 to 1.7l for Turbocharged. Tyres must be 204/45r17 with a rally compound.

This license would be available on their Creators content page and interested players could download it.

Once downloaded, a player can go to their garage and filter by license to see which cars currently meet the requirements.
If there are no appropriate cars, the player goes to the car customisation screen and can build a car that meets the license requirements.

Then the YouGram personality, or anyone, can create events using this license. As creators content it gets likes, use and download counts.

This part I get. I was asking about next move.
Single player mode - time attack? Multiplayer?
If multiplayer, than there can only be limited number of “events” at one time, because it would be hard to find players.

Which part was not simple?

Everything in this thread. Everything you and GreenZombie have said. It’s too complicated and convoluted.

I don’t think so. OK, maybe OP wants to much options.
From my point of view - if it would work as in option number 4 from my first post - It would be something like tune&drive challange. Custom PI. Variables (min-max required): tires compound, engine capacity, engine power or power to weight ratio, car type, car year, etc. Starting every hour.
With “lottery machine” script → If CC, then it would allow only offroadable vehicles. If dirt, then offroad tires required. etc.

OK. Maybe I am overthinking it too, but would love to see something like this :slight_smile:

I think the simplest solution to the problem is:

  • Allowing the player to explicitly define what car for each opponent to drive. (either any stock car, or a selected one in the player’s garage)
  • And the amount of opponents too.