Racing in the rain!

It’s impossible to race in the rain and keep control with a wheel. I could maybe go 15% of the time without spinning out and never finish above 24th place. But as soon as i switch to game pad, i never spin out and finish 1st place easily. Shouldn’t this be opposite in the fact that the wheel should have better control and feedback?

Ex. When going through puddles using a wheel it wants to pull me one way or another or hydro my rear end out and there is no way to counter steer enough or fast enough. But when I use the game pad there is no feedback like this. i just coast through and all is well. I Love most if the things in this game but these aling eith many other issues sure are dissappointigbto say the least. Now finally an update arrives and they din’t address any steerig wheel issues. Turn10 wants to build a “simulator” style racing game but you have better advantage using a game pad than a steering wheel??? Something wrong here?Thanks Turn10!!

Interesting, but something I can’t really comment on just yet. Only just set up my wheel and haven’t actually driven in the rain yet. I will add it to my list of things to do for the next time I’m on and then report back. Might try and see how I go against my current time at Spa in the Rain, set with a controller.

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I agree, racing in the rain is difficult using a wheel.

I also agree, i too am faster using a controller by 2-3 seconds a lap,
I will always use my wheel as the controller doesnt offer anywhere near as much fun or realism!!! : )

I too have a full race rig setup that cost a small fortune but worth every penny for the fun!!!

I use 720 rotation on sensitivity 2.
I find it gives you that extra bit of leeway when on the limits racing in the wet.

I dont play Career mode only online so i can only compare my wet experience to that.

For me personally, i tend to stick with all wheel drive esp the Evo 6 for wet races.

With the correct tuning - esp regarding tyre temps/ suspension/ and diff you can be very competitive, even on the wheel.

Although the e36 m3 in C Class is mega fun!!

Can you briefly explain to me what the sensitivity levels control? And how to adjust them? I have a tx wheel. I have heard of people adjusting this but don’t know exactly what it adjusts. Sensitivity to what? Thanks.

Also, silvereyed please keep me posted on your experiences with driving in the rain using a wheel. Thanks.

Press mode and right paddle shift.
The light has a max of 4 options (i think From 1 flash to four)
Someone correct if i am wrong.

For me the feeling is that when the wheel is centred, it allows more degrees of rotation before it has a desired effect on the car steering turn in.

If you have a lower setting you can turn the wheel further before the car turns in game. If you have the setting higher the deadzone is less, meaning less steering is needed before the car starts to turn in game.

Tbh im rubbish at explaining technical details but if you can find them, there are some great threads describing this in greater detail.

I have no problem at all racing in the rain I just lift the throttle when I drive through puddles, I use 420 rotation on sensitivity 2, make it easy to catch a slide without being twitchy.

Look her for info on Sensitivity settings

I have a TX wheel and this guy is correct. You just let off the throttle going through big puddles and you won’t hydroplane

Ok thanks everyone. I will try this sensitivity adjustment thing tonight and focus on just coasting through puddles.

try putting STM on.

A little update, i adjusted the sensitivity level on the wheel to 2 and it seemed to help out pretty well. I was able to coast through the puddles without losing control. Thanks for the suggestions. I still hate it that it’s ten times easier to drive using a game pad, but now it will just come down to me putting the time in to practice and get better.