Racing every car

I’ve been working on buying every car. The problem is I just let them sit in the garage. I have my favorite cars that I usually race. I’ve decided to change that. I am going to win a race with each one of the cars.

I know I raced all the cars I bought in Horizon original. I also know I haven’t raced half of the cars I bought in Motorsport 5. That is another challenge.

It takes a little while to upgrade the cars to be competitive. I then have to remember which ones I have already won a race in. Looking at the car history tells you if the car has won any races but when I get to the event I sometimes forget which ones I have already raced. It is proving to be a challenge and it is interesting to see how all the cars handle.

I am doing the same, mainly because I want to own every car so when I buy a new car I take it to its championship.

Welcome to car ownership, Forza-style. More cars, less paperwork :wink:

But gosh darn B Wald, don’t you want that hyper-realistic simulation and gaming experience? After all these years we finally got rain and rainbows (so I’ve heard). I’m so sick and tired of waiting for snow to complete the experience of a lifetime. My only hope is that it also comes with realistic DMV wait times and equal amounts of paperwork!



I try to do this in every car game I’ve played since the original Gran Turismo.

Typically what happens to me is this - I race the cars that I WANT to or HAVE to during the Career or equivalent mode. Once I’m pretty much done with the career, I’ll start checking car histories to see which cars I have yet to drive or race and then take them out slowly but surely. This is normally what tides me over until the next iteration of the game comes along. In some cases this tided me over for years on end.

The games with the longer lists of cars (GT2, GT4, FM4 for instance) kept me so busy moving from car to car to car. A true revelation to experience Forza and engine swaps which added a whole other dimension to things.

I’m playing FM2 and FM5 alternately now as I just got my X1 to play FH2 and I’m just playing it by ear and imagine at the right point I will go on a massive car buying spree followed by a massive test driving spree. Good times ahead :slight_smile:

I quite like the way Horizon 2 is set up for exactly this sort of thing.

In some championships there’s the same number of available vehicles as there are Horizon destinations - so I try to use a different vehicle for each place. It’s a really nice way to notice the individuality of each car. If there’s more or less vehicles I just work it out accordingly. I try to do more than one or two races in each vehicle though, as it can take a little while to get a feel for a vehicle and work out the best way to drive it.

Pretty much every car in the game has some sort of redeeming characteristic - so it’s fun working with a vehicle that isn’t immediately enjoyable and then discovering something about it that makes you love it.

Then again I’ve done complete tours of the map in the same vehicle… so I’m totally inconsistent lol.

Cars I’ve raced but don’t care to race again I paint basic white, so I know to avoid them in the future.



This is a great idea that I am going to use. Thanks for sharing this as it will be very helpful. Makes me think that I could use other colors or a certain color stripe that could signify other things like, best for speed or best for handling, etc.

It’s good to see other people are doing the same thing.

PPiDrive, yes, there are rainbows. I’ve seen them.

RescueDog, I do something similar to what you mentioned. The color of the car and the style of the stripes tell me the class of the car and the type of race it is tuned for.

When I choose a new championship I look at the cars I have in my garage and buy a new one which I havent got to upgrade and race, and I’ll keep doing that until I complete all 168 :), have about 95 completed atm I think

Oh yeah another point for FH2 - unless you want to get good leaderboard times, there is no need to upgrade cars most of the time as the championships scale with your chosen car.

There are some few exceptions where I’ve noticed my vehicle choice induces a difficulty spike, but it’s quite rare and actually easier to cause by ugrading your vehicle - for instance, if you go big on upgrades but don’t affect a change on top speed because of gearing and you are on a highway race … well …

Love seeing that other people just love to feel the nuances and character of all the different cars. This is the true joy I get from these games and why having a big open world is so compelling.

I am almost only adjusting tire pressure and I have a little bit tuned car.
anyway I need garage’s filtering “maker”. no sort.