Racing alone

Is there anyway to do a race without any drivatars and opponents, i want to do some races all by my self but i cant find out how. I cant start any event in online freeroam when im only one in the session.
So is there any way or not?

You can do Rivals events from the menu. They are time-trial events against leaderboards.

If you disconnect from your wireless router and go offline, you should be able to do races without drivatars.

It that would work, it would only work if you install from a disc while offline and staying offline while playing. Even then, I think it would take people from your friends list and use them as drivatars.

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He meant racing with no other cars at all. Rivals is the only way to do that.

but you can only do one lap in rival mode right

No you can do as many as you like. If you beat your rival just choose to continue lapping when it asks you.

If its point to point then yes 1 lap but that is the same as any point to point race.